guy  Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details:

Name:                                 Guy Koekelbergh

Address:                             Breendonkstraat 5 3800 Sint-Truiden

Telephone / GSM:                0032-497-550105

e-mail / MSN:            

Skype :                               guy_koekelbergh

Date of birth:                        27 September 1956

Nationality:                          Belgium

Experience in Shirt Manufacturing:

1988 till 1992   I worked in the sales and production supervision of the Belgian shirt company
Byttebier en zonen. When the production was moved to Morocco, I moved with it.

1992 till 1998   I was General Manager of Palacio Shirt Company in Casablanca Morocco.
The company employed 250 workers and made about 2000 shirts / day. We had also 2 – 3
subcontractors that I supervised

1998     I worked at Vidal Textile in Izmir Turkey for the improvement of the quality. I had also supervision
over the 2 subcontractors. The production went entirely to the Belgian Company Byttebier en zonen.

End 1998 till end 2003 I was founder and general manager of Sofema Shirts in Basarabi Romania.
The company made 3000 shirts/day and employed 500 workers.
In 2001 we were the number 1 company in the province of Constanta Romania in the domain
of textile confection. In 2002 we got honoured by “The Romanian National Council of small and
medium-sized enterprises”  for being the 3th company nationally in the field of textile confection,
ranked on basis of declared bruto profit.  

2003 till 2005 I go to Egypt to establish “Salem Shirt Manufacturing Company”. I bring the company to a
production capacity of 1000 pieces a day.

2004 till begin 2007  I establish “Luxor Shirt Company”. The company makes 1000 shirts/day and 1000
bed sets per day. In 2007 I sold the company.

In 2007, after 15 years abroad, I went back to Belgium. My father had died in 2004 without me
seeing him in his last days. My mother is 83 and I am her only son. She was very ill in 2007, but
recovered remarkably.




                               Speak              Read               Write
English:                  very good         very good         very good
Netherlands           mother tong      mother tong      mother tong
French                    very good         very good          good
German                  good                 good                 little
Romanian              good                 good                 little
Arabic                    little (enough to give basic instructions)


Specific knowledge about shirts:

Garment worker instructions for quality improvement. I can stitch all the
operations in a shirt.

Quality Control and Inspection Procedures AQL.

Folding of classic man shirts. I can demonstrate and instruct the worker.

Company work flow and work flow documents.

Factory set up. Number of workers per operation. Stability of productivity.

Shirt pattern developing, including the base pattern with pen on paper.

Lectra pattern making. I have a certificate of Lectra pattern and marker making.

Garment machine technology. Specially Interlining presses. I developed
and constructed an interlining press for several companies.

I am familiar with client specific instructions, for example the Marks and
Spencer needle free procedure or the C-TPAT requirements for export to the USA.