Guy Koekelbergh, a shirt technician born in 1956 in Sint Truiden Belgium. Specialist in dress shirts and classic shirts. I start up the factory, the building, the machines, the management, the workers, quality and productivity.

Guy  Koekelbergh

Guy Koekelbergh

I visited more than 100 shirt factories in my live. From Morocco to China in 3 continents. At the moment I start a shirt factory in Cairo Egypt. Egypt is for sure not an obvious choice. The country as a whole is chaotic and extremely bureaucratic. Productivity is low and skilled labor is not available. But the positive side of the coin is that it is close to Europe, cheap, friendly and sunny. For a labor intensive shirt factory it is also important that the peoples are willing and obedient. The Egyptian women is kind and has a good hand eye coordination. I was amazed to see that the girls could learn
easy the operations without any previous education.
In "Luxor shirt Company " you can see
the construction of the factory and the evolution until now.
This site is about me and my work as a shirt maker.

In memoriam of my father
1923 - 2004


Website of my friend Said Lozi

Knitsuport Jan van Goethem   Said online   Sofema

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