This Circuit Tracer System Leaves Little To Chance


At the request of a major defense
and space contractor, we con-
structed the comprehensive circuit
tracer system you see in the above

The "4451" will allow you to trace
numerous types of circuitry in both
the electric power and electronics
fields with a minimum of effort,
time and expense ... and at a max-
imum rate of sucess.

The "4451" combines the top-end
Amprobe multi-function tracer, the
TPI Scope-Plus! dmm scope-meter,
software and communications cable
for same, a Kroy K5100 wire-trace
marker printer, and associated
accessories ... including, yes, a
top-grade Maglite flashlight.
Ever tried to trace a circuit in
the darkest area of your facility
... especially because the power
is out on one or more localized
circuits.  Then you know why a
good flashlight is important!

Also included with this system,
in a separate carrying case (yes,
two carrying cases!) are 8 cart-
ridges of Wire Wrap wire markers
... two each of the four most
popular sizes (substitutions are
allowed!), K5100 batteries and
an AC adapter to allow you to con-
serve battery power when doing
bench work.

Total System, One Low Price


It's all here in one affordable package.

Price $3,695.00 net each, plus shipping and handling.

Shipping lead-time, approx. 2-3 weeks.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, IMPAC and Amex.

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Call, talk to Don Lovett or his assistant.

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