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Eastern Cherokee Dress - New
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Eastern Cherokee Dress - New
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Eastern Band
Cherokee Dress

After doing research on the Oklahoma official Cherokee Tear Dress , I decided to find out more about
the Eastern Cherokee Dress. I discovered that Cherokee Ladies did not wear the Tear dress before 1975.
So I set out to find out what they did wear.

I talked with Myrtle Driver with Cherokee Nation , North Carolina. She told me that no the Tear Dress
is not their dress, it is an Oklal~oma Nation dress, although many ladies has now adopted it and worn by
most at pow-wows. So I ask her what the North Carolina dress was like. She informed me that it is
much like the prairie dress having long sleeves, button up front with a long apron. I later learned that we
wore long apron to serve many purposes. It made a great basket when in the fields at harvest. They
pulled the apron up held it out and filled it with fruits , vetgables plants. Often even wood for the fire!
Now I know why I enjoy wearing aprons to this day, what a practical garment. These aprons were worn at
home when guest came a calling , or they went to town the apron was taken off for a more dresser look.

Our Cherokee Ladies also wore a scarf tied around their head when at work, when it was taken off it was
tied around the neck with the V hanging to the back

The color of the dresses ranged from white to very colorful. Often plaids and checks were worn. Our
people dearly loved bright colors then just as we still do today! Here at Cherokee Trails we are now
marketing these dresses, aprons and scarves. Along with the Cherokee Tear Dress. They will soon be on
our web site at:

Watch for our next issue of Cherokee Trails when we will discuss and show pictures of the dresses worn
before this time period but after the buckskin!