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Last update: November 15, 2001


In Texas, U.S.A.

Welcome to my reality!

While here, you are invited to leave your own reality behind and explore the nooks and crannies of my imagination through my stories and verse.

I've been a writer for over 20 years but, until recently, I have not been writing as much of what I really wanted to write -- I've been writing things like technical manuals, procedure manuals, and the like.

If you care to, you can view my professional resume here.

But here . . . here where no employers exist . . . I'm free from the boundries of style and content. Here I can and will let it, as they used to say, all hang out.

Also, please visit me at: Violence in Today's Society, my Weekly Column for, where I explore violence, its causes, its impact and, where possible, what we can do about it. Also coming soon is my weekly column for Webseed where I will present my Libertarian viewpoint as it relates to today's news.

So Welcome again to this showcase -- to this rather eclectic collection of poems and stories written by yours truly. Some writing that will be presented here was written when I was much younger, some will be of a more recent vintage, but it will all be uniquely my own and will reflect my unique (and sometimes jaundiced) outlook on life.

Please take some time visit my Tripod Pods and Web Ring.

Thank you!

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The title of this page is attributable to the extremely talented Robin Williams, in his stand-up commedian days.

Both the background picture (Drawing Hands) and the backdrop of my logo are the extrordinary work of M. C. Escher.

Copyright 1999, HarveyG

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The following links will take you, among other places, through the Mental Nooks and Mindless Crannies of my reality.




(I confess, I'm a news junkie!)

Books, of course, are my passion. Yours too? So don't bother getting out of your chair, just click this link to


And, when you're ready to surf off (after, of course, you've sent me a comment through the handy comment form, below) please visit my:



Just please remember to comeback every now and then to say "Hi."

Your Feedback, Please!

As you may know, feedback is the life blood of any writer so anytime you would like to contact me, to vilify me for my words or ideas (some of which are admittedly not "mainstream"), you are more than welcome to do so. If, on the other hand, you want to smother me with praise and affection, GO FOR IT! In either case I'll be glad to receive and respond to your comments. Use the form below or


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