"This is Cocoa. A gentle, obedient, and wonderful GSD who plays a very important part in our family. Come and meet him!" -nancy
Check out Cocoa's home page -

I am Mocha. I am a beautiful and cuddly kitty who loves to eat, take naps, and play with my dog friend, Cocoa! Come see me (and Cocoa) at

Hiya I'm Speedy!! I'm a Jack Russell Puppy Dog. My folks named me Speedy cause that's what I do best! I speed to the door when my people come home, I speed to the window when the UPS guy drives by and when I'm outside I try really really hard to speed me up some squirrels but they know just how far my chain goes... the little stinkers!! :o) Come over to Speedy's World and you can read all about me!!

This is ChiChi she is 14 and loves to eat very very much.

Here's a picture of our two Yorkies, Gabby & Kelsey. Gabby, on the right, is 4 years old and Kelsey, 3 years old, came from the next litters. Both dogs are pets rather than show dogs and we couldn't love them more. They have their own Web pages, starting at:

This is Indy a 10 pound red pom who is 4 years old! His web page is at