Hi, My name is Ric Ross. I live in Hollywood, California. This photo is of my Beau, Delta and Savannah (the loves of my life!). Beau is 2
y/o, weighs 4.5# and is on the right. He is ALL Boy! Delta is 1 y/o, weighs 5# and is in the rear. Delta is my baby even though she weighs the most. She is my little TomBoy. Savannah is also 1 y/o, weighs only 3.5# and is in the front. She is a very delicate little dog but can pull her own weight in a "Three-Dog Tug-of-War". To see and learn more about me and my dogs, please visit their website, "YorkieMania" at

The family out for a walk in the backyard.
Sherry Greenbury/Dave Stanavech
Shereldean Shepherds
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Bomings Bailey Blue: (bailey) is a 4 year old chinese Shar-pei who can never get enough attention. She is a 50lb lap dog.

Yin Sing: (yinny) is a 2 year old Chinese Shar-pei who loves to lay around all day. She is the most lovable of the bunch, and she was rescued from an abusive home.

Wrinkled Black Jack: a one year old Chinese Shar-pei who's greatest joy is playing fetch with stuffed animals.

"Blaz'n Zeke,M.H." Qualified for National Master Hunt Test 3 times. He's sired many Master Hunters. Zeke is my buddy, goes every where with me, quite the character.