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Before you even consider going to a rave, there are a few general rules that have to be meet. You have to have the right attitude and you have to be going for the right reasons. You cannot take reality in with you and be upset, irritable and violent. A rave is a happy, friendly environment, in which all people generally have the right attitude. There are always the few people who are angry, annoyed and sometimes stupid. However, raves would be so much better if these people had forget about their problems and not let things get to them. These types of people are totally out of place and do not belong at a rave.
That is why it is so important that you have the right attitude before going to a rave, otherwise you will not belong there. It really is a different world were generally all people are warm and friendly, and there is a big, happy, rocking vibe.
It is also important that you go to a rave for the right reasons. As we all know, raves are famous for the amount of drugs that are being used. This may be part of the reason why most people are happy, but generally it's the happy atmosphere, which makes raving a fun thing to do.
You should not go to a rave to use drugs. This is the wrong reason and it can also be dangerous in the way you do things. It is understandable that drugs induce a state of empathy and happiness, however drugs are not needed to have fun. Many people don't take drugs and don't have the need to take drugs, but still enjoy themselves just as much as anyone else. If you go to a rave for the drugs, your really turning the rave scene into something which is false and only good due to drugs. This is not what it is and this is not what it should be portrayed as. It is also important to remember that the people at a rave are generally nice people and a non homophobic attitude should be taken. There will be many, many people greeting, hugging and talking to you and you should take this as just being friendly. Just because a guy came up to you, greeted you and hugged you, doesn't mean he is homosexual and you should not think this. I wouldn't appreciate a person hugging me in the street at all, however at a rave, it is most likely, simply a drug induced feeling. These people should be greeted back like normal people, as they just wanted to say hello.

Even though raves are probably one of the safest places to be, it is best to go to a rave with at least one friend. It is especially important to go with a few people, if one or more of the friends, wishes to take any drugs.
It is also beneficial to go with a person who has been to a rave before and knows what to expect. I personally think that if you do wish to consume drugs, at least go to your first rave without taking drugs and see if you like what you see. If you don't like it, then maybe raving is not for you. However, if you think that raving is fantastic, make sure you get a feel for the scene, have a bit of a dance and then take drugs if you really need them, for the next time. It may be very hard to go to a rave without taking drugs for some people, but only this way, will the rave be a better place to be.
The best way to find a good rave to go to, is to simply go into a typical rave/club shop or a techno/rave record shop. There are many of these shops around, all over the world, so it is hard to say which ones to go to. In the shop you will most likely find many colorful flyers, with many interesting names, (e.g. Candy Land, Cyber feast, Nocturnal, etc.), in which you will have to collect many. You need to do this because you will need several options. You have to read each flier and carefully select the right rave for you. Take note to the location, the price, the type of music, the rooms available, the ticket information and all of the other extra information.

You may have seen some of the outfits and clothes worn by many people around. You may have also asked them where they were going, with the answer of "a rave". But you do not have to wear these clothes to go to a rave. In fact around half of the people who go to raves, wear clothes which are deemed as normal. If you like the styles of rave wear, then sure, go ahead and wear them. However, if you don't fancy this gear, then you don't have to wear it. In fact I used to wear a lot of incredible gear that really stands out. However, I personally think that you should wear whatever you feel comfortable. You don't have to make a statement with the clothes you wear. But there is no need to go over the top. If you wear something really interesting, it is most likely that you will get a good comment for the item of clothing. If you love getting compliments, sure, wear the gear, but your there to have fun, clothing is just an extra.

It is important to remember to take a few things to a rave.
For an indoor rave, it is important to take the following:
1 or 2 Bottles Of Water (or extra money to buy a bottle, but sometimes they are not sold. Tap water should be available)
Money For Food (just in case you feel hungry and food is available)
Your Prepaid ticket (or enough money to buy one at the door. It is a lot better if you buy prepaid if they are available, otherwise tickets may have sold out and you will be refused entry)
More warm clothes (needed after a big dance and cooling down)
Bag (if needed - to carry such things as clothes, or use other person's bag)
Earplugs (if needed - should carry them just in case)
Towel (if you would like one to wipe off body sweat after dancing)
An appropriate, safe mode of transport there and back
Any other extra's you may think of & of course a good attitude.
For an outdoor rave (running for at least 1 day & 1 night or a 3 day rave camp), it is important to take the following:
2 or more Bottles Of Water (or extra money to buy a bottle, but sometimes they are not sold. Tap water should be available)
Money For Food (just in case you feel hungry and don't have any food with you)
Your Prepaid ticket (or enough money to buy one at the door. It is a lot better if you buy prepaid if they are available, otherwise tickets may have sold out and you will be refused entry)
Change of clothes (needed if the rave goes for more than 1 night)
Bag (needed to carry personal items, food, etc.)
Tent (needed to sleep in before or after the rave has had its best moments, definitely needed if the rave is more than just 1 night)
Towel (if you would like one to wipe of body sweat after dancing. Also if you wish to have a swim or a shower, if they are available. Bathers are good to bring if you require a swim)
A seat in a car, or a bus if one is running (a reliable means of transportation)
Any other extra's you may think of & of course a good attitude.

Raving is not just a place to dance, take drugs, listen to loud music and party. There is something about a rave, which brings out a sense of love and care inside each individual. A rave is a place where you can experience peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR). The rave is a religion to some. Dancing is their meditation and Ecstasy is their holy substance. There is not many other places where you will get these attributes from virtually every other person around you, (except maybe a church). That is why that raves are almost a religious event for today's youth.
There are many different opinions on whether raving should be considered a religious event. Some think raving is just an obsessive, pathetic drug-fest and others think it is an event of meditation. Each individual is entitled to their own opinion, so whatever your opinion, your not likely to change much.

There are positive and negative sides to raving and I have already discussed some of the points, but I wish to expand on these. There are problems with the people and the scene, but there is also good positive comments to make on the scene.
The rave scene is thought to be, by many, as a false scene. It may be a place of peace, love, unity and respect, but this environment is brought upon by many people on drugs. There are generally a lot of nice people who take part in raves, but the scene is being populated by many people who go there for the wrong reasons. This is why many people see the rave scene as being in trouble and 'false'. This can't be fixed easily and the only hope for these people to be removed, is to wait until they don't find raving interesting anymore. This may take a few years and may not even happen, but hopefully these people will get drawn to a different scene and stop ruining raves for the ravers who belong there. I have seen it happen myself. I now have friends who want to take drugs and have heard that raves are so great, so they ask if I want to go with them to a rave. Virtually every rave which is held in Melbourne, is totally sold out and usually more people are let in and overpopulation occurs. A raver's dancing space has now be reduced about half the size they used to have, 1-2 years ago. This may only be a problem in Melbourne, but i'm sure this is not the case.
The rave, as packed as they are these days, is still generally a better place to be. The people are generally nicer, and it is a fun place to be. However, people hear that raves are such good places to be, so everyone decides to go once and then want's to keep coming. However overpopulated they might be, raves are still a fantastic, magical place to be and nothing can match the environment of a rave.