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Hidden Lake News

The Association joined this group in the 1990ís and many board, committee members and volunteers have attended the numerous lectures and information conferences put on by them contributing greatly to our knowledge base and awareness of our wonderful lake front community. They found we are fortunate. Our water quality is high and our problems are minor relative to the horror stories we heard from other Federation members living on foreign weed infested, polluted, and abused waterways. The next meeting of the Connecticut Federation of Lakes will be September 17, 2010 in Jewett City. You can learn more about the speakers and topics at

The Association is entering its 14th year of providing free septic pump out for all residents. The contract is put out to bid to insure we receive a competitive price. Our current contractor is Cahill Septic Service. Our septic pump out program is the Hidden Lake Associations most successful initiative to ensure the quality of our lake and we constantly receive praise for it at Lake Federation meetings by being amongst the very first to do so. Every tank in the Association is subject to mandatory cleaning every 4 years Any needed repairs are noted then and are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Our bylaws require us to test the lake twice a year. The samples are taken by a volunteer and brought to a State of Connecticut Licensed and approved facility.

Our bylaws require us to lower the lake level every even numbered year. The Board has voted to begin lowering the lake on October 30th this year. We learned from the Federation of Lakes that leaving the lake down for the winter will freeze out many weeds. Our lily pad population is reduced when we do this. We have hired Lycott For the past two years to help control vegetation. Last year they targeted the yellow lily pads. This year they targeted the submerged vegetation. They will be reviewing the late summer situation this year to determine the next step for summer 2011.

Hidden Lake was constructed many years ago to create a cranberry bog and became a lake community instead. The tree stumps were left where they were and the lake is littered with them. The membership voted to remove as many as possible in the coves to open the lake to more recreational possibilities. We learned our recycling center didnít want the stumps unless they were dried taking years and we had nowhere to put them. The west Cove was cleared by burying them and a portion of the South Cove was handled until extreme mud stopped progress there. There has been no further attempt to clear any more. Residual stumps and plants provide enough structure for our fish and other aquatic life.

We learned from the lake study that using sand to the beaches added nutrients to the water and should not be done. We erected pole barriers to prevent the erosion of sand into the lake and embarked upon maintaining what we have, adding sand rarely. Residents are asked to volunteer to keep the beach areas clean. Also, take home what you bring to the beach.

See the minutes of the meetings for the latest news on the dam.

See the minutes of the meetings for the latest news on the Shore Drive drainage project which is in progress.



This is our community. Volunteer to help maintain and improve the Hidden Lake area. By staying informed, you can contribute locally and make a difference.

A site was developed and is maintained by a Board member. Please visit the web site to stay informed of all happenings, meetings and get up to date information. Visit the site at:

If you are unfamiliar with the Association bylaws and how your Association works a copy can be downloaded from our web site at:, or a copy can be mailed to you by writing to: Hidden Lake Association, P.O. Box 401, Higganum, CT 06441