The most recent edition of the Hidden Lake News:

Presidents Report:

What's New: I am briefly emerging from my secret undisclosed location to pass on some needed information. In response to discussions during the annual meeting, the Board of Governors is currently working towards weed cutting in several areas of the lake by a weed cutting contractor. The board is also looking into stump removal in areas of the lake not already completed. The lake will be drawn down in October of 2002 per the by-laws Sec 48-4. I hope that this does not inconvenience any of you needing to do cleanup on your beaches and retaining walls.

The Board of Governors has also moved ahead with the lake drainage study to determine what the drainage needs and issues are for the entire area. HRP Associates out of Plainville have completed a thorough site investigation and are in the process of finalizing a comprehensive lake drainage survey including the following items...

What is required for proper drainage around the lake.

A prioritized list of areas needing the most work.

A description of what specific work needs to be done and what can be done by the association members themselves.

Cost breakdowns for all aspects of the work including engineering services, drainage work, etc.

Lake Weed Cutting: The board is currently working towards having the weeds in the lake cut by a specialty contractor. The contractor will come in with a weed-cutting machine, which will remove weeds and bottom debris from several areas of the lake. The contractor will work on as much of the lake as possible on an hourly basis with a not to exceed expenditure from the association of approximately $12,500. The material removed from the lake will be temporarily stored at sites around the lake to dry until it can be removed and brought to an off site dumping area.

Lake Stump Removal: The board is investigating areas of the lake to have stump removal completed during the lake drain down period. A new means of removing the stumps with a barge with a crane is being finalized to reduce the amount of impact to the lake and to minimize the amount of drain down required to complete the work.

News Notes:

Water Fowl: There is an increased quantity of waterfowl in and around the lake. Residents are reminded that they are not to feed the animals or they will be encouraged to stay. Waterfowl remaining at the lake result in increased breeding, and increased numbers result in degradation due to animal waste.

Property Cleanup: First, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to those members who received a letter informing them of health and safety and/or motor vehicle violations and took quick action to comply with our directive. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by the board and your neighbors. Thank you very much. Several residents have been warned about excessive trash and debris stored on their properties. All residents are reminded that they are to follow Section 49 and Section 50-A of the Hidden Lake Association bylaws concerning property maintenance and upkeep. The Hidden Lake Board of Governors will be sending out fine letters to residents who do not comply to the following sections of the Hidden Lake Association by-laws concerning trash and debris...

    1. Section 49: It shall be unlawful for any owner, lessee, or tenant of any premises to dispose of garbage, refuse, litter, and discarded utensils or furniture by depositing such on either private of public property or on any highway or street within the boundary of the Hidden Lake corporate limits, or by casting such materials into the lake or on its shores or beaches.

    2. Section 50-A: It shall be unlawful for any owner, lessee or tenant of any premises within the Hidden Lake corporate limits to park or store more than one unregistered motor vehicle on said premises.

Beach Clean Up: The Board of Governors will be organizing a beach clean up at the lake. Volunteers will be needed to make the clean up a success, so keep your eyes open for flyers posted at the mailboxes and at the beaches.

Board of Governors Meeting News

The board will be meeting at a secret undisclosed location (Haddam Volunteer Ambulance Service) on September 30, 2002 at 7 pm. Please feel free to stop by if you have questions, concerns or just want to get involved.

Camille Bair stepped down as our vice president at the annual meeting. I want to thank Camille for her outstanding service to the board and to our community. The board will sorely miss Camille's positive attitude and hard work. Camille joined the board at a difficult time and stepped in and took on a lot of hard work and responsibility. I would also like to thank John Bair for his contribution of time and effort in copying and helping with the newsletter.

Lloyd Pierson: Board Member, Past President: After 17 years of exemplary service to the community, Lloyd has stepped down from the board. Lloyd was the project leader for our most crucial capital projects. Rebuilding the Dam (twice), roads, and a host of important but less visible projects. His tenure of service is an example to all of us who are in service now. Lloyd, thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and good humor.


HLA Board of Directors

We have several new people involved with the Board of Governors at the lake. New people involved include...

Vice President: Matthew Belcher

Board Member: Jay Casella

Welcome to the Board of Directors.


Lake Committe News:

Water Quality: The Board of Directors continues to monitor the water quality for bacterial and phosphorus counts. Based on samples that have been taken to date, we anticipate a year of great water quality. Our septic pump out program has clearly had a dramatic effect on our water quality. A list of the residents eligible for septic pumping this year follows. If you are listed for this year, contact Cahill to arrange to have your septic pumped. Cahill's number is 349-8551 Call today and enjoy a freshly pumped septic system for the remainder of the year. The septic pump-out system is our most successful initiative to ensure our continued safe waters. This is your tax dollars at work.

2002 Septic Pump Out List

Matthew Belcher: 24 Third Ave 01/99
Alana Bengtson: 29 White Birch Trail 08/98
Celeste Benoit: 98 East Shore Drive 07/98
Roger Bernard: 26 Cross Ave 08/99
Wendy Bright: 32 Long Pine Trail 07/98
Michael DiMauro: 21 West Shore Dr 10/98
Christopher Gordon: 23 East Shore Dr 08/99
John & Linda Griffo: 404 Hidden Lake Rd 11/96
Ronald Howes: 93 Shore Drive 08/99
John Lazzeri: 102 East Shore Drive 07/98
Joseph Lisitano: 46 East Shore Drive 07/98
Mark P & Kathleen M. Lundgren: 74 Shore Dr
Joshua MacDonald: 132 West Shore Dr 08/99
Paula Ray & Barry Mackiewicz: 78 Shore Dr.
Thomas Melbert: 65 East Shore Drive 08/98
Bernard & Betty Meyer: 60 E. Shore Dr 10/98
Lisa Montelle: 5 Hilltop Road 05/98
Michael Moody: 28 Beach Road 03/99
Pauline Moody: 14 Beach Road 07/98
Edward & Bernice Napierski 15 Ledge Rd 10/98
Dawn Nolan: 23 Ledge Road 07/99
Robin & Christine A. Roy: 41 White Birch Trail
Keith W & Deborah S. Scott: 42 Shore Dr 08/99
David Stickney: 14 Line Pine Trail 08/98
Alan Stokke: 65 West Shore Drive 1 1/98
Sean C. Sullivan: 34 East Shore Dr 10/98
Peter G. & Linda Vasil: 412 Hidden Lake Rd
Joseph& Krista Waite: IO Third Ave 08/99
Dan & Shirley Weston: 158 W Shore Dr
Irene White: IO Meadow Rd. 07/98

Carrie Octavek has been working very hard to maximize the amount of testing that can be done at the lake and keep within our tight budget. The lake association has begun utilizing water testing kits that we can use ourselves here at the lake to give us quick accurate e coli and Phosphorous counts. We continue to send out samples to a local lab, but in-house testing gives us much greater flexibility, increases the number of annual tests, and save us money. Carrie is currently operating as a committee of one, please lend a hand if you can.

Record Storage: The Board of Governors is currently working on centralizing the years of records that have accumulated around the lake. Historical records are currently scattered throughout past board member residences and need to be organized. Groups of volunteers are going through the material to determine how much storage is required so that the board can properly research storage facilities.

Vice Presidents Stuff: Matt is currently assisting with the lake drainage study. All residents are reminded that if you have a culvert on your property, you can greatly improve the drainage around the lake by cleaning up leaves, sticks, etc.

The Treasury: At this time, there is no change to the information presented at the annual meeting.

Have a great month. I will by talking to you again soon.

Respectfully yours in service,