Hidden Lake Association



Septic Tank Pumping List for 2018-19

The Association is entering the 23rd year of providing septic pump-out for residents of the Hidden Lake Association. The septic pump-out program is Hidden Lake Associationís most successful initiative to ensure the quality of  Hidden Lake. A list of residences scheduled for mandatory 2018-19 cleaning follows. If you are on the list, contact Cahill at 860 349-8551 to schedule.

Septic Pumping Ordinance

Click on the link to view the ordinance in PDF format

SepticPumpingOrdinance.pdf 15KB

A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems

This guide is produced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Click on the file below and it will open in Acrobat. You can then save the file to your hard drive

A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems 1661KB

The first column indicates if pumping was completed. Names are not all in alphabetical order.

Completed Name Street Address


Joseph & Elke Hopenbrouwers 5 Ledge Road
  Danielle Cappello 132 West Shore Drive


Ray & Barb Deluca 36 Meadow Road
  Alice Buckley 29 White Birch Trail
  Kthleen Rader 32 Lone Pine Trail
  John Sheenan 26 Cross Ave
  Robin & Christine Roy 41 White Birch Trail
  Joseph & Krista White 10 3rd Ave
  P&C Knickerbocker 74 Shore Drive
  Michelle Lisitano 46 East Shore Drive
  Chris Rothstein 10 Meadow Road
  Mathew Schuyler 404 Hidden Lake Road
  Robert D'Amica 156 West Shore Drive
  Ronald Howes 93 Shore Drive
  Joseph Clary 171 West Shore Drive
  Gunnar Grenman 62 West Shore Drive
  T & N Endriss 102 East Shore Drive
  Sebastian Garofalo 92 Shore Drive
  Celeste Benoit 98 East Shore Drive
  Robert Archer 112 Shore Drive
  Michael DiMauro 21 West Shore Drive
  James Kearney 31 East Shore Drive
  Lisa Montelle 5 Hilltop Road
  James Nicholson 137 West Shore Drive
  Tim Pratt 115 Shore Drive
  A&F Ciarleglio 63 West Shore Drive