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           Welcome to Shopping for High Heels on the Web!  Looking for shoes on the World Wide Web can be a confusing and tedious process.This page is designed to simplify your shopping. We feature a collection of the finest on-line shoe stores, pointing you to the widest range of styles, at the best prices!  We give each on-line store a small review and offer several pictures to give you an idea what each store is like. We have selected the best  stores on the Web for High Heels!  No driving, parking or malls!  Sit back and relax, and enjoy your shopping experience in the comfort of your own home!  Feel free to bookmark this page as it will change often.

     Please note: We have no affiliation with any of these companies, we simply have selected the best of the Web!

            Tall or short, black or colorful, thin or thick- today's High Heel footwear styling  is a study in contrasts. With High Heel shoe offerings in every possible category, the mood for  today is that anything is possible as long as it's bold !


How Cool !  Footwear
How Cool! Footware  is one of the most comprehensive on-line shoe stores on the web. This site offers hundreds of shoes, from the classic, to the funky, to trashy, to outrageous! Everything from Pumps & Platforms, to Sandals, to Boots, to Clogs, and more. They also sell  leggings and have some great closeout sales!  Right now they are offering a fantastic 2 for one sale. The prices are unmatched by no other
How Cool Footwear is highly recommended!

Dugan  Brothers
Dugan Brothers offers a great variety of shoes within a  very stylish and elegant on-line environment.
A good selection of stilletoe High Heels, Platform Boots and Shoes, as well as a wide variety of "Totally Outrageous" 7 inch Platforms. They also have an excellent collection of Wooden Platforms and Chunky Mini Platforms. Dugan Brothers have some great sales, right now you can buy one pair of shoes or boots at regular price and receive a free pair of high heels, in their choice of style and color.
Dugan Brothers also offer Hosiery, Lingerie,and sexy clothing. 

The  Shoe  Palace
The Shoe Palace has an impressive variety of high quality shoes, particularly sandals and slippers. They also have a large collection of imported Platform Shoes in the widest variety of colors and styles unseen anywhere else. They carry an interesting collection of "Wedge Platforms". And a fantastic selection of boots of all kinds.
The Shoe Palace has shoes you can find nowhere else on the Web !

The Cameo Collection of High Heels
The Cameo Collection has a  small  but  tastefull  selection of high heel shoes at  affordable prices. The Shoes range from stilletoes to platforms. They occasionally have some great cloeout sales.
The Cameo Collection  primarily sells lingerie but  features  a small collection of shoes that are marvelous!

Wild  Syde

WildSyde offers an outstanding selection of sexy shoes for formal dress, dancing or nightclub attendance. They feature an outrageous collection of platforms in a very wide variety of styles and colors. WildSyde might just be the best source on the Web for wild clubby, party  platform shoes. If you are looking for super cool, fun and stylish platforms, 
WildSyde is for you!

It  doesn't get any better than this!

Sexy Shoes !
Sexy Shoes!  has a great collection of traditional stilletoe high heels and sandals of all types and colors. If you are looking for a wide selection of stilletoe pumps and sandals, Sexy Shoes!  is the on-line store for you! 

Extras Exotic Shoes & More!
Extras Exotic Shoes and More!  offers shoes from the exotic to the erotic. They have a nice collection of platform sandals and slides, chunky platform shoes and boots, five inch heels and mini platforms. They also carry a small collection of towering 7 inch platforms.
Extras Exotic Shoes and More! has prices that are outstanding!

Easy Fit Shoes
Located on Hollywood Blvd, Easy Fit Shoes features a fine selection of classic pumps and boots. They also carry an even wider selection of platforms of all types, many that you can find nowhere else. This stylish website has one of the best selections of shoes on the net, and has prices that are unmatched by anyone else! They also have some great  shoes on sale right now.
The EasyFit Shoes on-line store is outstanding !

Shoes on the Net
Shoes on the Net  is the best Web site for shoes of any kind. A dedicated shoe industry page, Shoes on the Net  is  the ultimate industry insider's resource. Links to hundreds of Shoe stores of all types. Packed with  information on where the industry is going. If you are serious about shoes, 

Shoes on the Net  is for you!



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