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The list of songs here are from their first CD album "Back and 4th"
*tracks are in wma and mp3 sound file format

TITLE Composer/Arranger File/bytes
1. Psalm 100
2. Et Misericordia
3. Ambo Hato
4. Carnavalitos
5. You
6. Bata Batuta
7. Dahil Sa Iyo
8. Paru-parong Bukid
9. Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin
10.Tutira Mai
12.Plenty Good Room
13.Restore My Joy
14.Tanging Ikaw
15.Ride The Morning Winds
H. Schutz-G. Lynn
John Rutter
Rey T. Paguio
Hermanos Avalos
Randy Edelman
Neil G. Legaspi
Mike Velarde/Ryan Cayabyab
arr. Jonjin Manikan
arr. Fr. Arnold Zamora
arr. Fr. Arnold Zamora
J. Lennon-P. McCartney
Kirby Shaw
Cindy Berry
Raul Lantican
Tom Fettke
wma 2828 kb
wma 4111 kb
wma 2302 kb
mp3 1249 kb
wma 3394 kb
mp3 7089 kb
wma 3295 kb
mp3 1750 kb
wma 4235 kb
mp3 2051 kb
wma 3644 kb
wma 3282 kb
wma 3166 kb
mp3 3554 kb
wma 2611 kb

The album is recorded live at the United Church of the Good Shepherd
in Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1997
Produced by Dr. Romulo G. Pizaņa & Mr. Henry S. Garcia
Executive Producer: HIS Sounds
Production coordinators: AJ Moldez & Dr. Dennell R. Fuliga

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