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I Miss My Time With You

© Carol Jackson Ministries

*Used With Permission*

This time I am coming to you with a heavy heart. I even regret having to write these words to you because I was so hoping that you would  miss your time with Me as much as I have  missed My time with you.

I have made every attempt to reach you though acts of My love, Mercy and Grace, but they have not been enough to draw you closer to Me.  Will you tell Me what else is left for Me to do for those that I so love after having died for you?

Can you comprehend that I gave My life to
be close to you? All I ever wanted was people to love Me of their own free wills. That is why you were given free wills – to love and to choose not to love. I have showered you with knowledge of who I Am so that you can be drawn; for with loving-kindness have you been drawn.  I MISS MY TIME WITH YOU.

Many of you have experienced the pain of
loving someone so much and not having that love returned; or having someone tell you how much they love you but never show it. I Am in  both of these places as I write this to you.

Sometimes it seems as though the more I reach  out, the further people distance  themselves from  Me. The more I Bless people the less they think of Me. Many of the Blessings are more honored than
Me the One Who gave the Blessings. Do you not  know how much it breaks My heart when those  who I love more  than life want to spend more time with the “things” I gave them rather  than Me?

I become torn because I don't want to stop
the Blessings but sometimes I have to so you will regain your focus. The worse thing that happens to My people, which so often does, is that they become backslidden in heart.

My people worship Me with their mouths but their hearts are far from Me. They don’t even know that I am not present in their daily lives because they have pushed Me away and I will not infringe upon the will of those that I love.

Who would want love from those they have
to beg and force? You would not want it and  neither do I. Does what I am saying to you burn within you at all? Can you feel My heart at  all? Can you hear what I am saying to you at  all? I MISS MY TIME WITH YOU.

Everyone wants to be loved and I am no
exception. Just as Faith without works is  dead  Love without action is dead. When words that are spoken to Me, I look past the words and look  at the heart. It is not so much what comes out of the mouth but what comes out of the heart.

What the hearts speak to Me is what really
hurts. If you could hear the words of many of the hearts, the words would be denied because they are so far from Me. Hearts speak such hurting words as, “I have not thought about My God today;”

I will go to this place or do this thing now and spend  time with God later, “I will read the Word after this television program goes off.” Another day that I did not spend with God, I will do better tomorrow and the next day, and the next day, and the next but those days never come. The later never comes. The after this or that never comes.

So I am left all day waiting for you…all day
hoping for you…. I wait for the sun to rise to wake you hoping that your first thoughts will be of Me and your first breath will be to thank Me for waking you. I watch the sun set and the moon come out in the darkness hoping that you will think of Me as the day ends…think of how I carried you through the day and be so very grateful that we
will commune together.

I dream of you telling Me how thankful you are for  all  the things I do for you and I dream of telling you  that it is My pleasure to do them. I MISS MY TIME WITH YOU.

What does spending time with Me mean?
What are the results of spending time with Me?  You will have My mind as you are instructed to do ”having the mind of Christ”… you would walk in My ways…You would know and feel My heart…

You would have unending revelation of My Word  because I am the Word…You would have Peace that the world does not know You would have Joy because I would make your Joy full…You would have wisdom because you would be Full of
God’s Spirit.

 Your paths would be directed by Me because you  would not be able to help but to acknowledge  Me in all of your ways You would be the light of the world because I Am the Light of The World.  You would bask in love because I Am Love.

Your words would be My Words because God’s Spirit would give you the things that you should say…We would walk and talk together, and fellowship together. I want for us to cry together; I want to share pain together. I died for these things.

I deserve this type of relationship because I suffered  and died for every one of the things that you would never have to endure and even for the things you may never have to endure.

I want to hold you and rock you to sleep when you need comfort…I want to wipe away the tears when they are released from your souls…I want to experience joy with you and be able to laugh together, smile together, enjoy the full abundant
life that I have given you together. I want you to know that I am listening to your every heartbeat and I want you to feel Mine. You can only do this if you are close to Me.

You can only be close to Me if we spend personal quality, and desired time together. You have to desire Me and I will always be there waiting for you.  You have to need Me and I will always be there to
fulfill your needs. You have to want Me and I will always be there to fulfill your wants. I have always been here, waiting, hoping, hurting, crying, lonely very lonely.

There was a time when you used to say, “Who  Have I in Heaven but Thee” and I delighted in those words. Now the words have faded away. Come back  to Me My loved Ones…Let this be the first day of the
rest of our lives. Let not another moment pass where we are distanced. Let us get to know each other in so many ways…so intimately. There is nothing more intimate than a relationship between The Creator
and His creation…between A Potter and His clay.

It does not get any deeper than that. I Am asking You, I Am provoking you, I Am
Waiting for you to come to Me this moment in every way. You belong to Me because I bought you  with a price. You are Mine and I say to My own…
My very own….

Love Jesus






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