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Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles Inc.

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2012 Li Wang Yang Memorial
Demanded a clear explanation of his abrupt "suicided" death


2010.10 Auto Rally for Release of Liu Xiao Bo


Against 23 Rally
HKF-LA joined many other organizations in "Against Art. 23 Rally" in LA Chinatown on 12/14/02.

Here are some diversified activities organized by our members:

"HK Focus" radio show
Every Monday 6-7 pm on AM1430 available in Greater LA area

"Hong Kong Focus", a weekly radio talk show, was launched in AM1430 KMRB Cantonese radio channel in LA in Jan 2004. Hosted by several HKF members during their personal time, the radio show, which forcued on Hong Kong current affairs, political movements, ever-developing relationship with the central government in China, brought immediate attention to the local Chinese community with positive feedbacks from various media. The weekly show completed its impressive 12-month boardcast in Dec 2004.

Revolution Again
The first HKF-LA stage drama in 1989.