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Information Resources for the Homeless

Information on homelessness

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Information Resources about the Homeless


Information about homelessness




An explanation for the causes of homelessness from

"Homelessness can be caused by a variety of problems. The main cause is unaffordable housing for the poor. Secondary causes include mental illness, physical illnesses, substance abuse,..."


The faces of the homeless- pictures.


Why are people homeless?


The history of mental illness and homelessness. 


Who is homeless? This site lists statistics on homelessness.


Further statistics are available from HUD


What you can do to help.


Directory of local homeless services - point someone in the right direction.


Libraries and Homelessness


Information from the American Library Association about the homeless.


Information on Library outreach to homeless people from the American Libraries Association.


Library Services to the Poor and Homeless


ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table


SRRT Hunger, Homelessness and Poverty Task Force


Information for Social Change


Progressive Libarians around the World


Informative Websites on Homelessness



National Coalition for the Homeless


National Law Center on Homelessness and  Poverty


National Health Care for the Homeless Council


National Alliance to End Homelessness


Department of Health and Human Services


Games that help viewers gain empathy for homelessness


An opportunity to gain empathy for the homeless.


The Homeless Maze.

Participate in this maze to gain empathy for the homeless.



Pathfinders and Bibliographies on Homelessness


Information Resources for the Homeless Bibliography

Homelessness A Guide to Resources

Bibliography on Library Services to Poor People – 1970 to the present.

The Homeless Pathfinder

Homeless Students


Bureau of Primary Health Care.

This site provides bibliographies organized by subject related to homelessness.

Health care for the homeless information resource center

Need journal articles?  Search this database for journal citations on 8,800 published items on homelessness, health care and mental illness.

Try google scholar to find citations and full text articles.


Further research


A Status Report on Hunger and Homelessness in America's Cities 2003: A 25-City Survey




Information Resources for the Homeless - The masters paper and survey results.

Never deprive someone of hope... it may be all they have.
-- Unknown.

"Just as despair can come to one only from other human beings, hope, too, can be given to one only by other human beings."  Elie Weisel

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