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Up, Up and Away!!!
Up, Up and Away!!!

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin  Enough! They actually have more songs, they did have other albums.

Hotel California by the Eagles     Be gone accursed song!  I liked it the first 5 million times they played it.  But after the next 10 million, the love was lost.  They too have other albums, the 1970's are over no matter how much you want them back.

Dream On by Aerosmith  I have been dreaming for a long time that they will retire.  Isn't there an island we can send them to, away from any type of recording device?  While we are sending this one, send Crazy,  Amazing,  and Crying as well.  It is all the same song anyway.  Hey, did you see that movie with Aerosmith?  It was kind of distracting though, Bruce Willis was trying to stop an asteroid from hitting the Earth, while Aerosmith played every song at least 3 times.

Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen I started listening to this song on a Tuesday, by Thursday I was getting ready for work and it finally ended.  The band is good.  Too bad this is some song they jammed on in a drunken stupor and the radio execs said,"Hey!  Born in the USA was cool, he can't write any songs that bomb, let's play it over and over."

1999 by Prince  We are in 2000, it's over Prince or the Artist formerly known as Prince; or maybe "The guy that will be detailing my car at Spanky's car wash next Wednesday". No, I don't think that last one will fit on an album cover.  You had some good songs way back when, drop out and produce records for other groups, you do have talent.

Anything from Boston   I just couldn't find a place to start with them.  I owned the self titled album from Boston, lot of great tunes.  Tunes like: Smoking -  More than a feeling -and the list goes on and on.  Oh sure you've heard the old songs.   Since the self-titled album, they change a couple of lyrics off the old songs and viola a new top forty hit!  Wow, I can't get enough of them talking about rock-n-roll on all the new songs!  You know that beautiful vocal harmony?  Yeah, they never changed that either.  Can't beat a dead horse for too long, boys!  Save your money!  Drugs will only get more expensive, but please, no pathetic "we're still cool" tours.  The Rolling Stones have milked that bull.  I bet people that go to these concerts drive SUVs.

Eminence Front   Pete, you were good with The Who.  You probably get AARP rates at the studio, don't you?  How stoned do you have to be?  While you were playing, you were probably thinking,"did I just say Eminence Front, well, I'll just say it a couple more thousand times in the next 45 minutes."  Yep!  You can spot Alzheimer's in people, just listen to good, old Pete ramble.

Michael Jackson   I just don't like hearing his name anymore.  But love the great old stuff, like:  Don't tell your Mom I hide under the bed, Look at me-I'm transmogrifying into Diana Ross and  MMM-MMM....I'm in your closet," what do you mean restraining order?"  In the age of tolerance, anyone who still buys his albums, should be confined and studied to see if their parents used lead paint in the house.( Like that, Eric?)


What should I watch, Hortense?

Two phrases come to mind: Waste of good tape and I just lost two hours of my life.