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2nd Guadalcanal

The Battle of the 2nd Guadalcanal, November 14/15, 1942.

On the map, you see the 4 American DDs and 2 BBs(a) chasing the Sendai(B). IJN DDs are running after launching(C).

Kondo(D) is rounding Savo Island(e). Guadalcanal(f), Tassafaronga Point(g), and Florida Island(h) define the battlefield.

The battle view shows Nagara(I), Samidare(J),Hatsuyuki(K), and Ikazuchi(L) retiring to reform for the next attack.

Now, Kondo has Kirishima and 2 CAs to take on South Dakota. Plus, Long Lances are now being reloaded by the specialized
Japanese automatic systems. It looks to be a bad hair day for the Americans.

Willis August Lee takes the bait and pays the price.

You have achieved what Nobutake Kondo only hoped for. The Washington has just taken 4 Long Lances.  At the moment this shot was taken, you see one of the fish slamming into the Washington.

Here are the details:

Ikazuchi torpedo ran 3 kyds,hitting Washington closing range Hatsuyuki torpedo ran 3 kyds,hitting Washington closing range Samidare torpedo ran 3 kyds,hitting Washington closing range At 2122 Washington:51 pound hit number 33 +++++++++Washington 13 inch belt armour resists 5 inch at 5 kyds. +++++++++Washington hit obliquely ++++++++++++Washington: strikes belt At 2122 Washington:51 pound hit number 34 +++++++++Washington 13 inch belt armour resists 5 inch at 5 kyds. +++++++++Washington hit obliquely ++++++++++++Washington: detonates on belt Uranami torpedo ran 4 kyds,hitting Washington closing range

These are the transmissions from your ship's point of view.


The Japanese were able to exploit their mastery of the night combat; but the superior gun-power of the US battleships recouped the initial losses and sank the battleship Kirishima.

The Japanese sent the old BB Kirishima, two heavy cruisers (Atago and Takao), two light cruisers (Nagara and Sendai), and 9 destroyers to Guadalcanal.  Their mission to bombard Henderson Field.  The Americans had two new battleships (Washington and South Dakota) and four destroyers to stop the Japanese.  The Sendai and a destroyer(s) came under BB fire at around 2315 hours with no result.  A few minutes later the Nagara and 4 destroyers engaged the American DDs.  Three American DDs were sunk and the fourth was severely damaged.  The BBs fired on the Nagara without result.  The Japanese in turn launched over 30 long lance torpedoes also with no result.  Then the South Dakota was illuminated by a DD and was fired at by shell and torpedo.  No torpedoes hit but many shells did and the South Dakota was seriously damaged.  About this time the Washington opened fire at around 8.5 kyds.  She hit the Kirishima with nine 16 inch shells and over forty 5 inch shells.  All in less than 10 minutes.  The Kirishima was a flaming wreck.  There was another failed torpedo attack by the Japanese and then the battle was over.  The Kirishima and 1 Destroyer was scuttled and the bombardment cancelled.  The Americans had lost 3 DDs and the South Dakota was hurt.

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