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Strategic Naval Gunnery (SNG)

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August (all movement/combat is by AI commanders)

Strategic Naval Gunnery Campaign, August 8, 1914

All the operations you see conducted here were directed by AI.

The Konigsberg left Dar es Salaam(A) and raided Aden(B) on August 14,1914. She coaled at Luderitz Bay(C) and is now headed for Trinidada Island(D).

Working the Brazilian Coast(to E) is the Karlsruhe. She coaled at the remote anchorage off Cururupu(F).

The Emden and von Spee's South Seas Squadron rendezvoused in the South China Sea and passed Macassar Strait to Nicobar. Then Emden went off to capture two merchants in the Arabian Sea(G). Von Spee heading for the Seychelles(H).

Two Indian troop convoys(i) are vulnerable to the German threats. The East Indian Squadron could be in support. They were last seen 4 weeks ago(k).
The Red Sea Squadron was last seen 25 days ago at Alexandria. There may be additional Entente forces guarding these convoys that the Germans are unaware of.

The Entente is also invading three German bases(j,C).

The report window that the German staff sees augments these events.

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