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North Sea Barrage

The stoutness of American battleship construction was never really put to the test. An exception might be the IRN Retvisan by Cramp, Philadelphia who gave ample proof of her sturdiness in operations from Port Arthur. She managed the cumulative effect of a torpedo hit and 31 major shell hits. The South Dakota was tested to a lesser degree by 25-41 mostly 8" and 1-2 14" at 5-7ky.

However, pictured here the 6th Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet is now being subjected to a true test. A hail of 12" and 15" from two German battleship divisions. The New York(A) has two fires burning. The Texas(B) is engulfed in a forest of splashes. Arkansas(C) has just been hit on her fantail.

The Baden(d) is straddled and the Markgraf and Konig(e) are on fire. The VI Division(f) is in line astern of the V Division. You can make out the Kaiser and Kaiserin bringing up the rear.

On the right, rushing up to succour the Americans is Sir Hugh Evan-Thomas with his 5th Battle Squadron(G) of four Queen Elizabeths.

This situation nearly happened as the Americans were assigned to defend the North Sea mine barrage and escort Norwegian convoys.

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