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Black Sea Campaign 1914-1916

Bombardment of Bosphorus

The Russian Black Sea Fleet is beginning a bombardment operation on the Turkish Bosphorus forts(a). The effective ranges of
the forts are shown by the black circles. These circles also show the current strength of the fort guns by their thickness. The battleships
in the two Russian squadrons(B) are attempting to weaken the forts by a long range bombardment. The current visibility from the Evstafi
is shown by the 'Tactical Field of Vision' view sector(C). The forts are barely visible now. At 11 minutes into the engagement we discover
the Turkish battle squadron on a patrol line athwart the forts. The most interesting aspect of this scenario is the tricky decision process of
shifting fire assignments between the ships and the forts.

The bombardment of the forts is underway. You can see the barrel smoke from the Evstafi's salvo(A). And the Pantelimon has just fired a salvo; you see the gun flashes(B). Barely discernable is a splash of a fort round just off the stern of Evstafi(C). We can also see the flashes of the fort guns(d). In the background to the left is the Anatolian Coast(e). You are looking into the mouth of the Bosphorus. Not visible to the right of this picture but visible in this view if we scrolled right is the Turkish battle squadron.

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