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Yellow Sea

Battle of the Yellow Sea (Russo-Japanese War) August 10, 1904

The most interesting aspect of these 2 views is the simultaneous viewing of the same event by the Russian and the Japanese players. These screenshots were taken from 2 PCs in a multi-player session. In both views we see the Mikasa(A) taking a torpedo hit. You can see 5 other fish from this spread, probably launched by the DDs in the Russian 1st Flotilla(b) which pressed in to within 2ky of the Japanese line. From the Russian view, these DDs at 8ky appear to be amongst the Japanese BBs at 10ky. Also hit by this spread is the Asahi(C), which had fallen out of Togo's main battle line. 750 tons of water entered Asahi and she is now carrying 3240 tons of flooding. Note that she is also taking 6" splashes from the Russian Cruisers(d). On the map, you can see the tracks of the lethal Russian torpedo attack by 2 cruisers, 2 CLs, and 2 DD flotillas. The attack launched 4 spreads in 3 minutes resulting in an anvil situation against Togo.

Other results worth noting in these pictures are: Fuji(E) fell out of line when a boiler room flooded at 1157. IJN cruisers and DDs(F) are stationed in the rear. Peresviet(g) took 10 heavy and 2 serious hits. She fell out burning. But now her fires are under control after 20 minutes of fire fighting. The damage has slowed her to 10 knots. Although the Russian line(h) seems intact, the flagship is in fact severely damaged by 11x12", 5x8" and 5x6". She can only make 11kts and has a main battery gun knocked out. The Russian line is not making much smoke at this slow speed.

The yellow line in the Russian view is a gunnery cue showing Kasuga being targeted by Tsessarevitch.

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