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In Memory of Dale Earnhardt


In Memory of Dale Earnhardt
Dirt Track Poems

Dale Earnhardt

A letter from the intimidator

A Letter From The Intimidator

Dear Loved Ones,

I'm sorry to put you all through this. It wasn't my intention, believe me. Please stop all this fuss about me though, I died doing what I loved, at the place I loved the most. As we were going through 3 and 4, I knew my 2 cars were gonna finish 1st and 2nd in the Daytona 500. I was thinking about how much fun the victory lane celebration was gonna be. That was my last thought on earth.

I want Michael Waltrip to be able to feel good about his win. I hate that what happened overshadowed what should have been the biggest moment of his racing career. Go ahead and smile Michael, you earned it!!!! It feels good to win the Daytona 500 doesn't it?

Now people, please stop saying that I was trying to block so Michael and Dale Jr could fight it out for 1st. I was blocking the cars behind me so I could stay in 3rd and have a chance to win going down to the wire. I love Dale Jr and Michael, but please, this was the DAYTONA 500 and I'd have done anything to win it again. Now Mikey's won it, and Dale Jr will win it soon. That makes me smile.

Please don't give any grief to Sterling on this. It was just good hard racing. Give the boy a big round of applause at The Rock, he's going through a very hard time right now. I feel bad for Kenny too, as he came over to check on me. "Kenny, I wasn't in the car, I was with my Dad. What you saw was just my body."

Now I never felt any pain. I never even felt the wall, as I went straight up to Heaven. My Dad was there to welcome me with open arms. It was a very happy moment. You all know how I felt when my Dad left me. It's GREAT to have him back.

For the loved ones and friends I left behind, rest assured that you made my time on earth a better place, and I'll miss you until I see you again. My advice to you is make the world yours, just as I've done. I didn't get cheated on a single thing in life. I've always done things in a big way, and my death was from a Hollywood script. The last lap of the Daytona 500, a track that I am most known for, with my cars running 1st and 2nd, and the checkered flag in sight. Well, I guess I just took a different checkered flag.

Now, sorry to be so short on this. I know this is a pretty big deal down there, but I'm just not a man of many words. I have to go now, Neil and I are going fishing this afternoon. Enjoy life till we meet again.


A kiss from teresa


We sat there and watched as the camera panned in tight

She kissed Dale hard, he drive out of sight

We witnessed undeniable passion, unconditional bliss

Looking back did she know - something was amiss

For three long hours Dale drove - intimidated too

Lap after lap, the excitement it grew

499 miles, one mile more

Jr and Waltrip fighting for the score

Behind them was Dale, in a fight of his own

Many wars behind him, a new one being sewn

They roared to the line, one and two

Dale went into the wall - and all of us knew

Off in the distance, T sat and stared

In the recess of her mind her soul lay bared

For as the fans were confused as to cheer or cry

She could only feel the lasting kiss - goodbye from her


Daytona 500


A fine Daytona afternoon, the Season just begun.

My boys were running one & two, and I was having fun.

I probably could have won the thing, but something held me back.

I was busy watching Dale & Mike — and holding off the pack.

I was looking toward the front and not really to the rear.

Something tapped me on my bumper, but still I had no fear.

I thought it might be Sterling — I knew he was nearby.

When Sterling smells the checkered flag, I’ll tell you, he ain’t shy.

I slipped a bit. I turned the wheel. I sensed something very odd.

It wasn’t Sterling’s tap I’d felt. It was the tap of God.

"Not now," I said. "I’m racing hard. There’s work still here to do."

"You’re time is up," He whispered low, "So say a quick adieu."

I wasn’t really ready, but I didn’t have a choice.

He’d tapped me on the bumper & I’d heard His hallowed voice.

So I did as He instructed. I just packed it in & left.

I guess it can’t be helped that I left some of you bereft.

Did you see those birds upon the wall, as they scattered in the breeze?

Will it make it any easier to know that one of them was me?

There was also Davey, Dad & Neil, and some other guys I’ve know.

And they all came to Daytona just to escort me on home.

Hey — congratulations, Mikey! You made a worthy run.

I wish you many, many more. You’re wins have just begun.

All that fun you had in Victory Lane, I was proud as proud could be.

Did you see a seagull flying low? Yeah, Mikey, that was me.

So, friends & fans & family, don’t mourn me for too long.

Get on with life — take care of things — be brave, proud, & strong.

I’ll surely miss you every one. About that I will not lie.

But as long as you remember me — I didn’t really die.

Daytona 500


The sun sets now, over the cold dark track,

At which our Hero was taken back.

From the hallowed grounds of sound & speed,

To the Maker from which his troubles are freed.

The flag wove proudly in the Florida wind,

Not knowing it would never wave again.

Over the one that most had come to see,

The Man In Black, our #3.

Our eyes barely saw it, though metal was torn,

And just behind the white lines, a tragedy born.

For we were affixed to the joy that all would soon lack,

A friend & a son, still true on the track.

It wasn’t much later, we soon understood,

And tried to block out, as any fan would,

That our Hero had fallen, from high on his steed,

And soon that black word would cause our heards to bleed.

And on that Sunday night, he opened His gate,

And Dale walked in, neither sad nor irate.

He just quietly walked to that track in the sky,

And started his engine again, waiting for Neil to roar by.

How can you tell that a part of us died?

Was he mourned only by those who were close by his side?

To defeat him on Sunday, 42 tried,

And alone on Monday, 42 cried.



My hero


The greatest man I never met, has run his final race

The pain I feel is showing, in the tears upon my face

With the love of a father, & that of a friend

He protected Mike & Junior, right to the end

In that special, unselfish move, for all the world to see

He showed why we love that Black #3

We have lost the heart of racing, it will never be the same

But he was far more than just a racing name

His skill in driving was beyond compare

But it was the man, himself, that made me care

Those steel blue eyes, that sly dwag grin

The way he cared, all part of him

The loving husband, the faithful friend

The proud father, memories that will never end

He lived for Sundays, the race to win

To beat the odds, was life to him

To hear those engines roar to life

Was 2nd only to God & his wife

Strapped into the #3, after Teresa’s kiss

Calm, relaxed, ready to race. Nothing was amiss

As he made that final turn, in the #3

I wonder if it was more than air, the man in black could see

Did he see his daddy, & Neil Bonnett standing there

And all of Heaven’s angels, when all we saw was air

I think that God was standing there to meet the elder E

The one that he’s been waiting for to drive Heaven’s #3

I do not know how long this ache will tear apart my heart

It may never happen, it may never start

No one can replace him, in our hearts or on the track

Rest in peace, my hero. I’ll always love the man in black.


Race day in heaven


It was race day in Heaven, God was up in the stands,

Surrounded by angels, who are all big race fans.

The drivers were lining up, down at the track,

But no one could see who was leading the pack.

God looked around & said "Something’s not right,

I need my best driver & I need him tonight!"

You see something was missing, the very best part,

NASCAR’s number 1 driver, Dale Earnhardt.

So, he looked down from Heaven, to the racetrack below,

To see Dale, at Daytona, put on one heck of a show.

Holding back the competitors for his friend & his son,

In a spectacular race he could easily have won.

That unselfish act of love from the soul,

Earned Dale his spot on Heaven’s prized pole.

As the race at Daytona came to a sad stop,

The angels were waiting for the green flag to drop.

With drivers like Petty, Irwin, & Orr,

Roberts, Allison, & so many more.

Waiting & waiting for the race to start,

God made the announcement "I got us Earnhardt!"

The crowd of angels stood cheering the legends,

While God shouted with joy, "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

The race was exciting, right up to the end,

For alongside of Earnhardt was Bonnett, his friend.

Up in front, for all to see,

Was the Intimidator, in his black #3.

In a spectacular finish, he came in 1st place,

Dale Earnhardt has won his first Heavenly race!