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This is whilst I was working for Review a reputable fashion shop in London's Oxford St. (Both ends) also the Kings Road. A friend and me decided to go out to a club for the evening we didn't have much money so we ended up in Leicester Square at a nightclub called the Empire before it was a cinema.

Later in the evening we were at the bar getting our drinks in when we noticed two girls had stolen our seats so "as you do" we went over to them and asked for our seats back they then invited us to join them so we did and the night progressed.

We left with the girls and offered to walk them home. She said her place was local and we started walking down Whitehall towards the Houses of Parliament and as we entered Parliament Square I asked "where are we heading" "there she said" and pointed at Westminster Abbey. Now being the cool person that I am I took this in my stride and said "Ok". But when we got to the front entrance the security guards wouldn't let my friend and I inside.

It turned out that her father was a retired Rear Admiral named Kenneth Snow once captain of the battleship Hermes and his post at Westminster Abbey was treasurer later Proctor General. They had a family house within the Abbey.

An experience I'll never forget.