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At a Microsoft Windows 3.0 demo I knew the that the world was going to change and from then on I decided to learn as much as I could about every aspect of computing. I then went on deciding where I would work.

During the early nineties the major yearly computing event used to be the Which Computer show at the Birmingham NEC UK

Now at the time multi-tasking computer chips were expensive and Intel dominated the chip market. But with the announcement of AMD 386Dx40 chip things were about to change. When the chip was announced there was a race to get this new chip displayed at the NEC computer show.

Whilst I was doing a stint for a company called Cambridge International Systems I managed to source one of these chips and motherboards from a source in the States and through a vendor called Digital Matrix I managed to get the only working version of the AMD chip displayed at the show.

There was a long law suit about giving up the rights to the chip.

It made Computer Weekly (