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Pictures by Jamie Hughes

Name: Hugh Jezard

Age: 47

Address: London


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1996 Ė 2017

Daily use of the Internet, DVDís, music and satellite media. Over 2 years familiarity with mobile Android tablet.

1994 - 1995

Personal Computers - The Service Company (North London)

With a partner, a small business catering to the retail and servicing of personnel computers. Covering all aspects of the PC industry such as comms, networks and multi-media. There was only a small client base but a large number of links to the commercial UK distribution network, but due to divorce I folded the business.

1993 - 1994


Previously Simply Computers (Walthemstow, London)

Employed in the quality control department of a mail order computer supply company. The company is thought of as one of the leaders in the market supply of computers in the UK.

1992 - 1993

Frost & Sullivan (Victoria, London)

Employed to create the help desk, for a company that specialised in highend training and data sourcing for business markets.

1991 - 1992

Viglen Plc (Alperton, London)

A Lord Alan Suger Company.

Employed as re-active telesales in the mail order department, but also spent time in the system building plus I was in control of their showroom. After Compaq and IBM Viglen in the UK has top awards.

1989 - 1991


Previously Action Computer Supplies (Alperton, London)

Employed initially as telesales I moved onto the large tenders and then into technical support, plus In charge of the IBM showroom. The company has is the largest mail order supplier in the UK and has a product base of over eighty thousand computing products (Call 0800 333 333 for the catalogue).


Over the years I have used to a large extent nearly all of the mainstream software applications (Lotus to Office to Novell) , plus a vast knowledge of the hardware, comms and networking side of computing. Also I have been using comms (BBS's / Internet) since 1988.

Other companies

In between the companies above, four computing shops on London's Tottenham Court Road.

Argos Relief stockroom manager (Flagship branch, Woodgreen and London (over 600 stores).

Shelter Homeless charity Welfare Rights Officer trained by UK Social Services (sub. Cleveland Housing Aid Trust).

Everex Tape back up systems - sales (North London).

Assistant Civil Engineer, Bovis (Watford).

Hospital Domestic (Theatre) - (Chelmsford).

Christmas Postman.

Film industry

Extra parts

(In the background in all film trailers).

Amazing grace

Run fat boy run

The other Boleyn girl

28 weeks later

This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.

TV Commercials

Swatch watches


Raindance Film Festival 2005

Listing, badges and premier night.