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When I was about ten years old my father told me story which changed my perception of life and people a simple story but very old.

There is a man who lives in a cave he's spent all his life in this his surroundings and his whole reality is the cave. In his mind nothing else exists but the cave. Light rain the vision of fields and such have no meaning for all he knows is the cave.

We can say maybe that all of us are living in one cave or another. Time will tell ?

I think even thougth this is all I know of Plato and yes we say he was a wise man. I think the entrance to the cave is just a short walk and it's not outer space. They call it growing up sometimes. But if your are aware take it like a man.

The above aside the reason for this web site is to provide the viewer a physcological profile of me. A inside look.

There is a lot of stuff I could of put down here. Starting with I once lived with the daughter of the designer of the Sierra Cosworth.