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March 1995

This is where my life got really interesting.

Whilst I was running my own small business a friend of mine gave my phone number to a merchant banker named Adrian Marin. Who then rung me up and asked if I would teach him how to use his machine that he'd newly bought. Ok I thought I'd go and see him.

I spent about two months with him trying to show him how to use his modem, scanner and Microsoft Office. This turned out to be two months of a full day hanging around his home with maybe half an hour a day of time actually given to some teaching.

During my time there I found out that he was a former Hispanic senator in the Nixon administration and had met JFK. I asked " what was Nixon-like then." Very slowly and with emphasis he said "Nixon" (pause) " Nixon was a genius ". It came across like I shouldn't be asking so I dropped the issue. During various conversations, I told him that I'd made the US a bit of study thing.

He knew the second secretary of a London Eastern block embassy and also the head of a large American bank. His current work involved rebuilding the infrastructure of a former Eastern Block nation. Everything from putting in a GSM mobile phone network to rebuilding the motorways and airports.

So what's the relevance of me telling you all this, well after working with him for two months he offers " £75K p/year your own limo, bodyguard and private villa, two weeks on and two weeks off. I would like you to take over as computer manager of the Exim Bank of Rumania ".