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Most of my youth was spent in and around boats. During this time I learnt how to deal with life as I went through numerous force 6-9 gales. I developed a strategy to danger. If it's that bad go to sleep on it and that generally works but I have spent nights in my life where I wondered if I would ever wake up again. If you have ever been sailing in a English North Atlantic swell you will appreciate what I'm putting across.

My youth was the semi-rural industrial North East of England (Although every where has it's Beverly Hills) ? When you went out on a Friday or Saturday you were lucky not to get into some brawl.

I was a "Mod" I had a Vespa and a Lambretta and for a while I went running around the country visiting Mod etc. Soul and Northern Soul all nighters.

As for my schooling a story I was given lines for something I didn't do and I refused to do them when I was kept outside the headmasters office for a week looking at the blank A4 paper. I told the Head Master "I come to school to learn not to sit outside your office and if your not going to educate me I'm going home. " He said "go home and your expelled" it was a stand off and it was a very strict school and although I loved the school I went home. My father withdrew me from the school.

What was it like then:

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