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Some videos work, some link to Youtube (if the owner requests).

1) Apocolypse Now

This is my all time favourite film and I’m not really in a position to comment on the Vietnam war as I was hardly a small child whilst it was going on therefore I'm not going to comment on the war itself, but what I will say is that this film and the second film on my list “Heaven and Earth” for me say everything about the war the issues such as the futility and madness of whole escapade of war.

One thing I will say is that this film and the one below are just two interpretations of a horrific war which I’m not qualified to add an opinion on especially through information obtained through films.

The only true facts available are on a wall.

2) Heaven and Earth

Vietnam is one of the most troublesome subjects in our world history and this film gives the alternative view of events as seen by a young Vietnamese woman as she grows up in and around the war If you have not seen this film and no mater what your interests are in films I would recommend watching this film for it gives a very differant view of things.

War is wrong yet today in war only a few die.

3) NBK

I'm saying nothing was my first thought but lets face it Generation - X is the first culture in our human history to be born into a media dominated world. A world where colour TV possibly in our time gives from infancy an information overload of pre-set cultural values.

4) Dune

Hollywood’s modern history. I enjoy a bit of escapism and I always look for a good Sci fi movie.

Dune, what a film.

5) Bladerunner

Along with Dune this I watch over and over again the plot has strange metaphors and the effects and background scenery are breath taking.The one good thing about this film is that it portrays the characters (Androids) as real people they are believable. I say this is a must to see if your a Sci Fi fan.

I first saw this on a over night ferry to Denmark.

6) Highlander

This is a good film although the first time I watched this when I was a teenager it was lost on me, I watched it a second time and once I’d gained an overview of it’s plot it turned out to be one of most inspiring films I’ve ever seen.The idea of it struck a cord with me and the film it full of laughs.

7) Twin Peaks

An adventure.

8) Robin Williams - Live at the Met. New York USA

Ha ha ha... ha and ha.

9) Pulp Fiction

Although drugs are harmful and need controling. I say life is all about being as cool as one can be this film is certainly cool.

10) Star Wars