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This is my recent job app for NASA (Hope it works 10-7-2000)

Dear Sirs,

This is hopefully what you want as a candidate for people that work at NASA.

Web site:

To introduce yourselves to myself I thought I would outline what I think about space and time.

1. Firstly I think the big bang was a mission by the inter-galactic CIA. Its mission to explore and populate uncharted regions of space. When considering this you must remember that our western civilisation is only 2000 years old what if the people behind such a mission were ancient beyond ancient.

2. What if a Galaxy was a starship in disguise, possible? We sit here on the rim of the Milky Way and we assume that our own galaxy wouldn't care about us. Should we send a signal to the center of our own galaxy ? It's possible with an age old universe.

3. What if the wisdom and knowledge of our galaxy was all here on Earth will the Universe offer anything more.

4. White space, time vectored space. What if every pulsar in space was a planet not a star as we spin through space we emit continental blips of city lights.