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Ketua Cawangan
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I'm a mix Arab and Banjarese of Malaysia, and of course a native status of Sabah - just like any other bumiputras or else the natives in Peninsular Malaysia or Sarawak. My great - great grand father is an Arab who traveled all over the way from Yaman for an Islamic missionary works. We always remember him as Syed Ibrahim Al-Idrus and I was named after him just to remember him. He married a Banjarese woman of Banjar Masin when he visited that place. Through the internet, we came to know his grave is located in Terengganu. I welcome any news about my related families in Terengganu, Singapore, Johor or Perak where my great-great grand father had sattled before he passed away. My grand father, OKK Hj Syed Kahar Bin Hj Syed Othman Al-Idrus was made a District Chief of Labuk/Sugut. He was awarded the title of OKK which carries the title Orang Kaya Kaya by the British Government before WW2. The appointment was due to his ability and good English background. His services before and during WW2 was very encouraging and as a result,he was awarded an MBE( Member of the British Empire ) during the Victory Parade in London just after the war. Unluckily he couldnt travel all the way to London due to his unhealthy condition that time and he was then awarded the medal by His Excellency the Governor of the North Borneo, Sir William Good in Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu) My father is a mixing Arab, Banjar and Suluk while my mother is a mixing Banjar, Bajau, Suluk and Dusun and indeed I've got that mixing in my blood but I proclaim myself as a Malay of Malaysia, that is me and so are my family! Of course I was born in Kg. Klagan, Beluran.Sabah.

My familys history from my mother's side was a little bit interesting. My great-great grand father came from Banjar Masin, Kalimantan with his family in 1920. Some stayed in Kota Belud where I learned many of them are good Malaysians now. Some were traveling over to Keningau, I still remembered my grand mother once asked me to try find Gusti Haffiuddins families in Keningau but I could do nothing, somehow there is a place named Kampong Banjar and a school named SK Banjar in Keningau. I think this maybe created by the early Banjarese families who made their first settlement there. Some went to Kinabatangan, very near to Beluran but until now I still could do nothing. My grand father Mohd Kadri (my mothers father) whose name was taken for my last son Mohd Qadry, was a mixture of Banjarese, Suluk and Dusun as his father (Hj Ahmad) was a Banjarese-Dusun's mixture married a Bajau woman of Kg Tetabuan and that how my mother was brought up. Anyway, my mother (allahyarham) was a fluent Bajau, Dusun and Suluk but she speaks very little Banjar.

I recieved my first primary education at GPS Beluran while my first secondary was at GJSS Beluran. After that I went to Sandakan to continue my upper secondary at SMK Sandakan. Just after my Form Five, I went for my teachers' training at Maktab Perguruan Sandakan. After 25 years of teaching, I have been offered to undergo a Human Resource Management diploma course at IAB by the Ministry of Education where from that I continued my Bachelor Education degree at the Malaysia's University of Sabah. I married a Brunei lady teacher of Menumbuk, Kuala Penyu, Sabah in 1982 and thanks God, we are given 5 wonderful kids from the marriage and of course, new blood is arise in my children too.

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