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A notion that might seem strange at first is the idea of Home Automation. It will help to think back to about 30 years ago when televisions had a rotary dial for the volume control and a knob to change the channel. "Remote control! Are you too dang lazy to get up and change the channel or turn down the volume?" was the mantra of the time. Most of us today view the TV remote as more than an indispensable convenience but also as a symbol of household power. Well then . . . imagine controlling not only the TV but the satellite dish, cable, stereo, VCR, CD player, fans, pond pumps, valves, air conditioning units, all the lights inside and out and even more with your remote control, computer or motion sensors.

The beauty of the X-10 system is in its low cost and ease of installation. The signal is transmitted by radio waves from a controller to a transceiver and it is then injected into the house electrical wiring to the light or appliance being controlled


Computer Interface

Lamp Module

Appliance Module

Light Switch

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Duplex Outlet

Universal Remote

Palm Pad

Motion Sensor




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Find out how much that power hungry devise is adding to your electric bill. Look on the device's data plate for the amperage and voltage to add to  the calculator fields. Fill in your kilowatt per hour rate in dollars in the box below and push the Power Calculator button. The electric rate is then stored in a cookie so it doesn't need to be looked up for future calculations and placed in the rate box. The amount is computed for either one day, one month or one year of continuous use. The current rate in our area is .09123

Rate per kilowatt/hour  


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