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The 1999 West Michigan Grand Prix

We had a seat right in front of the pits. Here's the winner of the Trans-Am Series race Brian Simo. This Trans-Am race is like NASCAR except the drivers aren't famous and taken with airs and the course is the same roads we drive right through downtown..

Peter Kitchak driving for Toad Hall (get the connection to ponds?) won the Speedvision GT World Challenge. peterkitchak.jpg (9910 bytes)
WC Touring2small.jpg (9692 bytes) Will Turner of Turner Motor Sports won the Speedvision Touring World Challenge. He's the closest yellow car starting in the forth position.
They had open-wheel IROC type cars called the Barber Dodge Pro Series. These identically prepared cars are a little slower and smaller than CART or Indy cars but they can really corner well and challenge the driver's ability.

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There were 2 days of motorcycle road racing demonstrations. Both pros with white plates and amateurs with yellow plates competed together. Some bikes brought the crowd to a roar with half the straightaway high speed wheelies.

i think this a Ferarri. This and other vintage cars ran a race Saturday and Sunday. There were many 60's muscle cars. .lotus.JPG (10185 bytes)
CobraSmall.JPG (10176 bytes) My favorite car was the 1966 Cobra with a Ford 427 V8. Can you say James Dean?
Mustangs, Camaros, Corvette, Austin-Healy, Jaguar, everybody was there. Yellow camaroSmall.jpg (15278 bytes)
Frontend.jpg (9662 bytes) This car is missing its front end. There were a lot of wrecks in the Trans-Am race.
After buying his car on the Internet, local hero Mike Farmer from Rockford (a suburb of Grand Rapids) finished a respectable 15th out of 30 cars in the Trans-Am race. Unfortunately he bought a Camaro and one of his sponsers was Ford. They gave him a Mustang to drive. Here a TV crew interviews him after the race.

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The JumboTron, a portable TV, made the race fun to watch when the action was on the other side of the track. We sat right across from one of two screens.