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The Beginning



All Right i'm Stumped

The top terrace wall had to be back-shoveled and the concrete pieces of the wall unstacked. They'll be used later in rebuilding it. Another large elm stump was to the left and had to be removed. i'm planning ahead to the next small falls under the Judas tree.

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The Terrace Footings

The plastic fencing was mortared into the rows to strengthen the wall. We'll also use land anchors to hold the wall up. The waterfall part of the wall is going to be leaning out, while the rest leans in.

Up She Goes

We used two strings to find the level of the curved wall. We have about three more rows to go.We used a mixture of half concrete and half mortar because we wanted the stuff to stick but there were large gaps to fill in-between the pieces and mortar's not too strong. i tried using mind control to get the shovel to's not working

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Almost There

Only another row to go and then we start on the liner. The projection for the falls is in place. It's going to be about a 4 foot drop to the next pond. Just 2 more ponds, 2 more falls and the river.


The view of the top pond will be excellent from the house. We'll have to figure out some sort of weir so we can keep fish in it.


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Next Waterfall2

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