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The Grill Gazebo

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Put a Lid on It

The grill gazebo canopy was an item we picked up from an espresso cart. We designed the rest of the deck around it and the grill itself. The decking was done on our summer vacation 2000. We had a party right after it was done to test it out. It worked very well.

You Light Up My Life

We ran underground wiring from our new electric service box to a ground fault duplex outlet and this light fixture. It will be really great when it's dark at 5:30 in the winter time and we can plug in the rotisserie without dragging out an extension cord.

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May I Suggest the House Salad

With the ever popular watercress we now also have lattice . The "lattice dressing" was just that for the retaining wall and will provide a base for the English Ivy. It was put up with Tapcon screws. You drill a small hole in the concrete and the screws self thread into the wall. This was put up the same time the Grill Gazebo was built.

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