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Tadpoles.jpg (5458 bytes) Toads with tails (Tadpoles)

Loch Spots Monster (Snapping Turtle)

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1st_lily.jpg (10891 bytes) The water's turbid and a storm had just blown debris on top of the water but still...isn't the first Lily ever in this pond a beautiful sight? i wonder what they taste like? i wonder what everything tastes like.
Above is a "White Water Lily". To the right is a "Big White Water Lily". It's petals are fewer but larger and the pads are also 50% larger.

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The Leopard Frog denied paternity of the toad tadpole. (Nice spots)
The native Cattail grows quickly. This grew about 5-6 feet in 2 months.

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It was a hot and froggy day. As one frog suns himself on a lily pad, another floats around.
Many insects and animals are attracted to water like this dragonfly.

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fish feeding.JPG (28875 bytes) The Three Amigos eating. They're about 10 inches long.

Snake Pit

Well o.k., it's the pump pit but this garter snake like the digs for himself. He (she?) likes the vibration of the piping and is sleeping on it almost every night.

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pickerel.jpg (9853 bytes)pickerel2.jpg (9714 bytes) Pickerel Weed flower. i know one of these is right side up.

In addition to these pictures we've also had blue herons (a whole other story), flocks of bathing robins and other birds, racoons, ground hogs, garter snakes and many other animals that roam the area. Dottie and i are barking at something all the time.

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