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It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll

Concrete is just a flat rock that don't roll. Oof and woof, it's heavy. We first had to bust up three slabs to make the river, bury the piping and level the bucked up concrete. i'm inspecting the foot thick root.

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Slabs o'Concrete

Here you can see the path of the river. The slab of concrete in the center is going to be a bridge after the river is built and it's levered back into place . All of the other slabs above the river cut have been pried up, leveled and reset. The four slabs the patio furniture are on are reclaimed slabs that were buried under dirt to cover being bucked a foot in the air.

Sing It

If you come on down to the river, bet ya gonna find some people who live. You don't have to worry, if you got no money, people on the river are happy to dig. Big wheel keep on turnin', proud Jerry keeps on burnin'. 'Cause we're rollin'. Rollin'. Rollin' on The River. Pa oop poop-poop-poop, oop poop-poop-poop, oop poop-poop-poop, ta da-da-da.............

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Playing Bridge

And i thought you needed cards. It would be easier with a foursome.

Let There Be Rock

All together now, plastic sheeting, carpeting, plastic sheeting, EPDM rubber liner and then lots of rocks. The pond liner and river liner were joined with a generous overlap and Marine Goop.

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We're All Wet

The river will have small pools of standing water when not flowing and lots of plants.

The Bigger the Fall, the Harder They Are

The cutout with the liner goes straight down one foot and then from one side to the other. The river is wider than it appears and deeper. The water therefor flows through the rocks and gravel for further filtration as well as the action of the plants. Those are impatiens planted on the edges as well as the edges of the pond for color. The concrete was stacked on a double layer of EPDM as well as carpeting on top of and underneath the liner. We didn't mortar this wall in place. The gaps between the concrete were filled with "Great Stuff" foam and then trimmed off. It "cemented" the pieces together to stabilize them.

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