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Upper Porch


Tilted Beginning

The upper porch had shag carpeting on the floor. It holds up to dogs as well as it did to the styling test of time. In other words it didn't. We decided ceramic tiling would be stylish, timeless and tough. The upper porch was formerly open but now it is enclosed to provide a 9 month porch. Because it was exposed to the elements, the flooring was sloped away from the house. When walking from one end to the other it gave you the feeling of being a drunk sailor. 

A pup can get thirsty

Speaking of being a drunk sailor, here i am, caught, drinking on the job. i have the best dining view in the world i think. There's two layers of old flooring to rip out. A dusty mess that can make a pup thirsty.

Mr. Destructo

Nick lent a hand, and occasionally a foot, during the destruction stage. He took on the professional name of "Mr. Destructo".

Jumpin' Joist Flash

After the insulation was pulled out, sister joists were nailed and glued to the old joints to level it out. A string was strung across the end, to the left, to set the level for the floor. Now is the time to run electrical wires for lighting and power for both upper and lower porches.


Screwed, Glued and Tattooed

Because of some bad advise at the Home Depot, we got 1/2" CDX plywood to put down for sub-flooring. Your paws could almost go through it. The 1/2" Wonderboard that was to go on top was so wet when it arrived from delivery, all the directions were washed out. After another trip to the Depot, we read that the Wonderboard needed at least 5/8" sub-flooring. Just to be sure, they delivered more 1/2" plywood to put on top of the first layer. Because we now weren't restricted to where the next layer attached, we fastened it with glue and 2 1/2" deck screws, lapping all the old joints. It locked the floor into a 1" thick sub-floor. Now on to installing the Wonderboard ... (to be continued)