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Upper Porch 2

i see spots

i've always wanted to say that. The Wonderboard is laid on top of thin set mortar troweled with a quarter inch notched trowel and then screwed down every eight inches with special screws. We made a template of cardboard and used spray paint to mark the screw spots on the board. this took 700 screws,

Getting Silly

As long as we went this far, we thought we would refinish the weathered door sills. They were stained after being sanded and then sealed with spar varnish.

A Real Swinger

The door to the outside was hinged on the left side which made the door open into the center of the room. We removed the door, filled the old hinge mortises and re-hung it to swing to the outside. What is Dottie doing now?

All Done

150 hours of sweat to get to this.We painted over the old paneling with the same white as we used on the trim. Speaking of trim, the floor took 71 feet of baseboard and  71 feet of shoe molding. That's a lot of trim painting.  New wicker furniture completed the sun-porch look. The glass-top dining table in the left foreground  adds to the airy feel of the room