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Virtual Vessels

The below boats were designed for Ilan Papini's Virtual Sailor. Mr. Papini offers a demo of Virtual Sailor 4.0, which allows you to try out the program, including certain downloadable, freeware boats. The simulator has accurate wave & boat dynamics, weather conditions, and more. Download my boats from here, or from Virtual Sailor.
I based my version of Jules Verne's Nautilus partly on Disney's interpretation, and partly on what I thought would work well in Virtual Sailor. At some point I would like to make a Nautilus totally from scratch... using Verne's description as a sole guide. My Nautilus has working rudder and wheel, and an animated prop. Download here. 346K file includes htm document and readme.
Here is my version of David Bushnell's Turtle Submarine. The Turtle was Revolutionary in more ways than one. Bushnell incorporated water ballast, a glass tube depth meter, conning tower, and an an emergency anchor/ballast release. The bomb was a timed mechanism, firing the 150 pound gunpowder charge with a flintlock device. My model has operating rudder and propeller. Download the 500K here.
Phil Bolger has a unique approach to boat design... but maybe it shouldn't be? His boats are inexpensive and easy to build, they are safe and roomy, and they sail fast. The AS-29 has one foot draft, but can cross an ocean. One person can handle it easily, but two could live aboard. It's flat bottom allows the boat to dry out on a flat. Hard to argue with all that... download here (240K file).