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The Fantastic Fourth

We didn't set these off. These were the contribution some of my neighbors made to the noisy night... before my crazy friends and I took off to to be delinquents. With our lame, less extraordinary fireworks.
These were actually kind of irritating at first. They were directly across the street, and when I was inside on the computer, I kept hearing little tiny "pings" when the leftover pieces would HIT MY HOUSE.
I have to say... out of all the things we nearly killed ourselves with tonight, the sparklers were and always will be a DIE-HARD FAVORITE. Look... Court and I are TRUCKER TWINS.
TOTALLY ENTHRALLED. Oh... chuckle, chuckle. She'll sleep hard tonight.
See??? We did some REAL STUFF, too. We're saving all the INCREDIBLY LEGAL *looks around nervously* stuff for tomorrow night. Anyways this thing ticked me off bcuz a wayward spark from it hit me in the shoulder and nearly destroyed the shirt that NATALIE MAILED TO ME... *whistles innocently*
Friggin' side effects.
See? Legal. REALLY REALLY LEGAL. So legal that... I don't even want to talk about it anymore.
Some more of the kids I spend a good deal of my time socializing with.