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Viva Variety

So it turns out I did alrightish in that Variety Show I done played at a coupla weeks ago. The gurls and I (who would freaking kill me if they ever found out I was sticking them on this website... hell they'd freak if they KNEW about this website) won best band (since when are four girls and a guitar a "band?") aaaand that was damn fun.

Aw... that's precious. Why hasn't anyone told me that I sit funny before now?
My utter shock and COMPLETE dismay at finding out that they weren't serving scampi after the show.
Is redeye communicable? Don't come near me.
Just for your future knowledge, this is what my friend V and I look like when we're caught completely off guard.
Graciously accepting our winnings and such.
Random. In the cafeteria afterwards. Just thought this was fun. The girl I'm carrying around like a lunatic would be Jess... one of my recent Spring Break "outings." Silly straight kids... I wonder if she would have been up for this picture had she known about me at the time ;)