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Uhh goo!
UHH more gooIn the world  of evil only the fortunate survive!
Site News
We are now constructing an objects page, these objects are going to be out of the new Insim Asylum Lab, this page will hold a body parts in a jar, Zombie tied to a chair (an Angry zombie) etc all going on a mad scientist theme, there will be new age mad scientist tools (e.g metal sliding door)  and old style scientists objects (e.g Old wood oak doors)!  so you'll know when it's ready.gooooooo!
Skin News

 We are now working on a Zombie Slayer, and a New Improved Mad Scientist and Igor for the new objects page! We have just modified the Grim Reaper, to produce the Silver Death (left) and we are working on a Cyborg Zombie (again with help form Doc Frankensim), if you have any requests or skins to give us then don't hesitate to mail us HERE! And we will get back to you within the week! We have the T1000 from terminator 2 under construction!!