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What is Traffic X and what's in it for me?

Traffic X was created for entrepreneurs that focus on home based business, Internet business programs, affiliate programs, network marketing and Internet start ups companies that wish to increase their website traffic through our free traffic exchange. Only those sites are excepted into our network, thus increasing your traffic through targeted marketing! We offer several different "banner" programs that you can take advantage of to increase you site's traffic.

  Even better we offer "referral bonuses" which can really add some major traffic to your site. For every web site you referral you will receive 5% of the credits they produce which you can use to promote your own site. When you referral a web site you will continue to earn these "bonus" credits for as long as that site participates in our program. By simply adding a simple link to your web site and can begin to create your own network and earn an incredible amount of web site traffic!

Start advertising your site for free immediately by using one or more of our exchanges listed below. All our advertising exchanges are free, you can get started.

Sounds great but how does your system work, and how can it be free?

The Traffic X system is built using Linkbuddies software and tracking system. Linkbuddies has been online and it the traffic exchange business since 1997. Rest assured that The Traffic X system is based on the best web site software available, offering your tracking off all your ads, referral bonuses, members center and more. Combined with The Traffic X network and you have an incredible combination of targeted free advertising with the best banner, link and button exchange software on the net!

Types OF Exchanges

  1) Link Exchange
  2) Button Exchange
  3) Box Exchange
  4) Banner Exchange

Click on the link to the left to learn more about    each traffic exchange, then click the join Traffic X to use one or all of them.

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