Living in a Rumic World

Article from Animerica

If there are manga or anime fans who have never heard of Rumiko Takahashi or at least some of her stories, we hope they are enjoying life under their rock. Takahasi has been creating comics for over twenty years, and there are few artists who have equaled her success. With three world-famous manga series and a fourth currently running, there can hardly be a manga fan who hasn't come across a Rumiko Takahashi title; over one hundred million collected volumes have been sold! With such successful manga, there has also been animation- tons of it. more than four hundred and fifty TV episodes, a dozen or so films, and several dozen videos have been based on her manga. Ranging from romantic comedy to horror, her work demonstrates that she is not only a highly tlented comic artist, but a diverse one as well. The Big Four ( I'm gonna skip typing about Lum Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, and Ranma 1/2 and just get to IY) Voted the best manga at 199's Anime Expo, Rumiko Takahashi's current big series, Inu-Yasha, introduces us to yet another unique story idea. Instead of aliens, wheather from outer space or china, Takahashi turned to Japan's historic Warring States period to bring unusual characters into the life of our heroine, Kagome. Magic- not martial arts or science fiction- provides the source of action and motication in this story. Kagome, the current eldest child in a long line of priests, is pulled into the past. There, she and the dog-demon Inu-Yasha set out on a quest to gather the pieces of the shattered Shikon Jewel, which gives great power to supernatural beings. Less episodic than its Shones Sunday predecesors, in this story, Rumiko Takahashi finally gets to use her talent for horror on a regular basis as well as thrill us with her well-honed skills for depicting action. Full of stange characters and dramatic battles, IY has aalso become a fan favorite. The TV series, due out this fall, has been eagerly anticipated by fans since the comic began.

For the rest of the article, read Animerica Extra Issue 3.07! ( it has Video Girl Ai on the cover)

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