FKISS enhanced
Kagome, Sango, Yura, Kikyou
Artist: Kimiki Mia
Size: 199 kb
Rating: 4/5 stars
Anatomically incorrect

Kagome: she'll talk to: her plant, her books, the jewls, black miniskirt, orange sweater, blue dress, Yura's dress. Photos: photos pop up. Watering can: click to water plant.
Sango: she'll talk to: the pictures on her shelf, the books, the heels, the white blouse. Click Kirara and she'll tranform. Photos: Photos pop up.
Yura: She'll talk to: her skulls, the books.
Kikyou: She'll talk to: her kagome voodoo dolls, the books.
Everything: Click drawer to open, click handle to close. Nailpolishes apply nailpolish, nailpolish remover removes it. Click light to turn it on and off, click lightswitch to turn lights on/off. click lighter to light candle. Kagome's makeup bag applies makeup, makeup-off pads remove it. Comb: Start hairstyling. Click hairstyles to shuffle through them. Camera: takes a picture of the doll.

Features: Interesting atmosphere (a cabin). Interactive.