Inuyasha being slapped Hello! Incase you missed something, here is where I pack all the older goodies. If something didn't reallt turn out, it won't be here though. That is why It is called "Best of".

Please note that everyone is over-characterized!!

    Dear Inuyasha,
      SIT!! SIT!!!! Hahahaha ::evil-ness::
        - Chibi Kikyo

Inuyasha: Grrrr....

(that wasn't a rip off answer at all...)

    Dear Everyone,
      Just a quick question. Can EVERYONE travel through the well, or just Kagome and Inu Yasha? Yes I know that Sota (or whoever) couldn't, but what about everyone else?????? By the way: Miroku...will you let me bear your child???? Ha ha ha just kiding!!! Thanks!
        - Rachael!

Kagome: I think it's just-
Miroku: Oka- oh why? Why make such a cruel joke?
Kagome: hey, I was talking.
Miroku: Well I just got my heart crushed. be sad!
Kagome: grrrr.

    Dear everybody,
      Okay, I have an ACTUAL QUESTION!!! You people can smother me with funny/stupid/goofy/gay answers, but can I have at least one serious one? I go to a message board, and one of my IRL friends came. She made a bunch of friends pretty fast, but unfortunately, she made enemies with one member. Normally, that would be okay. BUT they got into an argument over something extremely trivial, and she beat him up. She finished with the speech, "Don't mess with the best because the best don't mess. Don't fool with the cool because the cool don't fool. Don't try to catch up, you'll just get another pounding." Then she walked away with a satisfied smile. (Okay, she didn't ACTUALLY do all this, but the fact that she would do it is what matters!) She's been my friend for four years, and I really don't like this cruel side to her!

Kagome: I think you should confront her with your feelings, but in a non-agressive way. try and-
Sesshoumaru: like blah-blah-blah!
Sesshoumaru: Like, aren't we forgetting the real point of this questhion here?
Kagome: I was just answering her question!
Sesshoumaru: like yeah, but that'th not important. Like, you so totally are missing the big problem here.
Inuyasha: problem?
Sesshoumaru: like yeah-uh! Who's the one giving them "gay" antherth?
Everyone: *stare*
Sesshoumaru: I thuthspect Sango, what about you?
Sango: Me!!??!
Sesshoumaru: Like, you are tho lesbo, girlfriend. A girl who fights with big bomerangs and has long black hair? That is like, so lesbian.
Sango; what are you talking about!??
Sesshoumaru: *whispering to Kagome* Thomeones in like, totally denial mode.
Kagome: somebody is, all right.
Kimiki: wow, that joke was really corny, I suck... I think the part of the questions where that girol says "Don't mess with the best because the best don't mess. Don't fool with the cool because the cool don't fool. Don't try to catch up, you'll just get another pounding." is hilarious enough anyways.
Sesshou: I thought that was like, pretty cool...
Kimiki: figures.

    Dear Inu-Yasha:
        -Kikyou hater

Kikyou: 'kikyou hater'? Who could hate the kikyou!?
Kimiki: uh...
Kikyou: what, 'uhh'?
Kimiki: You have about as many people hating you as people who thought Sesshoumaru was a girl when they first saw him.
Kikyou: Well that can't be too many. how many boys really look like girls?
Sesshoumaru: *arrives* Like, hi girlfriends! *Flips hair*
Kikyou: ge-ge-ge...
Sesshoumaru: Oh, I thee you're all caught up in my beauty. Don't worry, it happens to alot of people. I've even been told that I look like a demonic fabio! *tee hee*
Kikyou: waaaah! *deep depression* I hate myself! Nobody loves me!
Almost every IY Fan in the world: Here Kikyou, end our misery! *hands her a gun*
Kikyou: *takes the gun* *shoots Kagome*
Inuyasha: !!
Fans: *create a big angry mob and tear Kikyou apart with their bare hands*
Kikyou: nooooo! *crumble*
Kagome: Hello everybody!
Shippou: It's a ghost!
Kagome: Oh no, I left to get some ice creams! I didn't want to... mess up the...continuity... yeah, so I left a cardboard replica of myself here. Hey, who shot my replica? that was expensive!
Fans: Yay! *happily leave.*
Kikyou: *lying on the ground dead*
Inuyasha: Oh woe! *wahhh*
Kagome: Who wants ice cream!?
Inuyasha: oh kik... Ice cream? me! me!

    Dear iNu YasHa gAnG-,
      Hey Inu-Yasha....dang man when are you gonna get it on with Kagome? Get rid of your freaken ego problem and go out and get her! She's not gonna sit around waiting for you to staighten out! If I were Kagome I would forget about stupid unhorny unexciting Inu Yasha and go after Miroku cuz he could give me what i want. Yeeeeeah Baby!!! Oh and Sesshoumaru....i would like pair of Sesshoumaru's Cutie Guy Super Happy Comfy Undies. I have a friend who would like them. You two should meet sometime! Sango and Kagome...I can totally relate...guys suck. Especially uninteresting unhorny guys who have no balls. Have a nice day!
        -OkOnOmiYaKi kYoChaN *gAnBaTTE kUdaSAi*

Inuyasha: What!!?? I'm exciting!
Kimiki: What!!?? Unhorny guys is a good thing!
Kagome: What!!?? Miroku is a perv!
Miroku: What!!?? Finally someone who understands me!!??
Sesshoumaru: Like, finally someone who like, finally understand the like, superior quality of my products.
Kimiki: *smack* you broke the monotny! Monotony! Yeah!
Sesshoumaru: spell much? Like, you need to spend less time watching like, tv.
Kimiki: It's summer-time, leave me alone. *wahh* I'm not funny today...

    Dear Gang,
      Kagome, who would you go out with? The super-duper-gay-girly-man-with-no-**** (I'll let your mind do the rest) Sessho-maru, or evil-monkey-man-with-sexy-eyes (Well I think so) Naraku? Or you can go out with the sex-craved perverted Miroku who loves to grab girls' asses. Choose one! And Inu-Yasha, can I give you a big bear hug? You look so huggable!!!!! Ehehe.
        Okonomiyaki U-chan

Kagome: Boy, what a nice selection.
Sesshoumaru: Like du-uh, no kidding. Of course she has to like, choose me.
Sesshoumaru: But I'm hot!
Kagome: No you aren't.
Kimiki: the first time I saw you I thought you were a woman.
Sesshoumaru: But dozens of screaming fluffy fans can't, like, be wrong!
Fans: Ahhhhh! We love you Sesshoumaru!
Kimiki: This is productive. Writers block!

      Inuyasha, I was just you have a cold, wet nose like other dogs do?

Inuyasha: Well I used to have a doggy nose, but then it mysteriously turned into a human nose recently...
Kimiki:*squeal* cuuuute!
Kimiki: you said... doggy! *squeal*
Inuyasha: *covers ears* Shut up!
Kimiki*pass out*


Inuyasha: ahhh! Type like a regular human being!
Kouga: Oh boo-hoo, does the big typy-wipy annoy poor doggy-woggy?
Inuyasha: I hate you! *lunge*
Miroku: *ahem* Anyways, I never thought of asking Sango out...
Sango: *sad* why? I mean... *apathetic*why.
Miroku: Because, I'm not interested in dating.
Everyone: errr.....
Miroku: I'm just interested in women.
Kagome: That's better.
Inuyasha: Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm really nice to Kagome, okay? Stop hounding me, stupid fans!
Kagome: Oh yeah, so nice.
Inuyasha: Shu tup you stupid brainless wench!
Kagome: Oh thank you, you have made my day with your kind remarks! My heart is a-flutter!
Kouga: Hey baby. If your left leg is christmas and your right leg is halloween, can I meet you between holidays?
Kagome: *in shock* Ehhh.. err... geh-geh...
Miroku: Hey that was a good pick up line! Is it patented or could I use it sometime?
Kouga: feel free, man.
Kagome: I feel violated!
Miroku: flowers?

      i don't know if this had already been asked (i just found this site), but inu-yasha, why haven't you kissed kagome yet?

Inuyasha: why... why would I have kissed her yet?
Kouga: Because she's beautifull and intelligent and smart and cool?
Miroku: And female?
Inuyasha: Where do you get all those qualities?
Kouga: Did you hear what I said, Kagome?
Kagome: I still think you're a perv.
Kouga: ohhhh....
Miroku: *psst* You might as well cop a feel, since they already think your a perv anyways
Kagome: *kill*

      One day I feel that Inuyasha will die and become a spirit and I will steal Kagome. How do you like that?

Inuyasha: Sounds fine to me. I'm dead, what do I care.
Kagome: *kick* Kimiki: Oh no... writer's block...
Kagome: You have alot of writer's block.
Kimiki: Yeah well... it's all Kikyou;s fault! That wretch!
Kikyou: eh?
Kagome: I know the feeling, Kimiki.
Kikyou: Oh yeah well I have cute shini-dama-chuu, so there! *naaah*
Kimiki: oh....

    Dear Gang:
      Does Inu-yasha have a problem with Kouga? Because I, frankly, think that Kagome and Kouga would look absolutely adorable! ^^ And Kouga is so much more nicer to her, and all Inu-yasha says is 'wench' this and 'idiot' that. He's just so rude! So do you have a problem with that Inuyasha? Hmm???

Kouga: That's right, I deserve her!
Inuyasha: Back off you retard! Who want to date a pre-historic aerobics instructor like you anyways!?
Kouga: At least I'm nice!
Inuyasha: You suck!
Kimiki: *sniffle* Oh do! I hab wrider's blog already!
Inuyasha: What?
Kimiki: *cough* *sniffle* I said, I hab wrider's blog!*snif*
Kagome: what happened to you?
Kimiki: I hab a cold, ogay?!
Sesshoumaru: When I get colds, I like to curl ip un a nice aeromatheraputic bath, surrounded by lavender scented candles!
Kimiki: Well you're bore woban than be, then.
Sesshoumaru: What? Like, I can't understand you, girfriend!
Kimiki: I guess dat's better dat way. *sniff*
Sesshoumaru: huh?
Kimiki: Well I hab wriders blog, so I'b going to not wride adybore, if dat's ogay wid you.
Kagome: Ogay then.
De End

    Dear Kagome:
      Dear Kagome-chan: You are the most pretties, cutiest, bravest girl ever.
      I'm desperately in love with you. With you please be my girl friend? You are such a great girl, and you deserve so much better than a half-breed dog-breathed F**ked up asshole like Inuyasha, who thinks he can control you're life. You deserve to be treated as a princess, not an object.
        Love, Gevet

      And oh, Inuyasha, just so you know, There are millions of guys like me lined up on Kagome's front porch waiting to be her love. Face it. You are so not boy friend material. This is one battle you can't win
Inuyasha: *on the floor* AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
Kimiki: *also on the floor* HA HA! Wow, that was really lame!
Kagome: But I thought it was sort of sweet!
Sango: Millions of hims follow you around all the time? I feel very sorry for you. *console*
Kagome: There aren't millions of anybody lined up for me!
Miroku: so he's a sentimental loser and a liar?
Kagome: You guys are mean.
Shippou: We're sorry Kagome.
Kagome: Well you're forgiven.
Shippou: Yeah, you know, we should start treating you like the 'princess' you are.
Kagome: grrr!
Inuyasha: I am sad, because I am "so not boy friend material". Did Sesshoumaru write that or what?
Sesshoumaru: Like, what was that like, supposed to mean? You are so, like, cruel!
Kagome: Oh lets just shut up and move on to the next question!!
Inuyasha: but you haven't answered his questions yet.
Kagome: What question?
Inuyasha: Will you please be his girl friend?
Kagome: I'm just a cartoon character! *sob*

    Dear Inuyasha,
      Ever considered going for a haircut?Or maybe styling your hair?? I seriously think your hair can be a total rats nest at times.You even had your very own girly guy hairstylist! 0_0(Guess who?)So like, what's stopping you? We only live once right?
Iy: But I thought my hair was sexy...
Kagome: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's funnier than that last letter! Ha ha ha!
Iy: Shut up you stupid wench! I happen to like my fabio-haircut, okay!
Sesshoumaru: Like totally, Fabio is like so boy-friend material.
Iy: see?
Kimiki: writers block...

    Dear Miroku,
      Did you learn to be a pervert during you childhood or were you just born one?
Miroku: how many times do I have to say it, I'm determined!
Kagome: Well then, how did you learn to be so 'determined'?
Miroku: It's just natural talent, baby.
Sesshoumaru: Like, hi everyone! *trip* Kyaaaa! *shoves Miroku as he-she falls down* *a little bottles of pills falls out of the pocket of Miroku's Kimono*
Miroku: Oh no, my pills!
Kagome *take take* 'testosterone pills'!?
Miroku: Um, that's just the pretend label...
Sango: burn them. burn them now. *takes out a flame torch*
Kimiki: Grrr... writers block again...
the end
Miroku: yay, my determinedness is saved!

    Dear Sesshoumaru:
      Is it me...or do you really look like a woman? Is that intentional? o.o;
        ~The Green Rubber Ducky *quack!*
Sessh: Like, why doesn't anybody get it?
IY: get what?
Sessh: That I'm macho!
Iy: ...
Sessh: I am like, so macho. Jeff and Henry and Chris all said so. They said that like, I was the prettiest handsom man they knew of.
Kagome: prettiest handsome man?
Sessh: Stop making fun of me! Waaaahhhhhh! *runs away*

    This is to Inuyasha,
      In the mangas, why did you hug Kagome when she asked you did you hate her for looking so much like Kikyo . . . or at least that's what I think she said. Was it mabey because you like her! Or something else . . . . . .
        Olivia-chan ^_~`
Iy: Why does everyone always ask such stupid questions!
Kagome: Is that waht our relationship is to you, stupid!?
Iy: Oh shut up.
Sesshoumaru: Uh, like, hi guyth. I'm thorry...
Iy: 'thorry'?
Sesshoumaru: I'm like, apologising for being so very cruel to you earlier. I recognithe that you must have had your hearts broken when I stormed out on you like that.
Iy: Not really.
Sess: You don't have to play the toughie guy. Like, I got you I'm tho thorry gifts! *hands them gifts*
Kagome: Underwear?
Iy: Why did you give us underwear!?
Sess: Like, check the box! *peace sign*
Iy: Oh...
Sango "Sesshou-maru cutie-guy's super happy comfy undies"?
Sessh: Like, isn't it so cool? I'll make a fortune!
Iy: Just like your barbies?
Sessh: They were action figures! Like, uh!
Miroku: Hey, mine's an edible thong...
Sessh: *wink*
Miroku: Hey, baby.
Kag: Pathetic.
Sango: Terrible...
(Miroku and Sesshoumaru skip away, holding hands, into the setting sun)

    Dear Peoples:
      I was wondering ... that time while Inu-Yasha was human and they were fighting the uh.. Priest/Monk/spider web/dude and he had his head in her lap and he was being all uh sweet? was that just from the posion or does Inu-chan actually have a thing for Kagome and is just in denial? I mean ... even if he doesn't he can just up an' tell 'er! I mean Hojo is much better lookin'! That and he's human. No dog ears and I bet he doesn't have doggie breath either.
        --Evil Orange Crayon ^.~
Iy: It was the poison, definitely the poison.
Sessh: But about that doggie breath...
Iy: I don't have dog breath!
Sessh: Yes you do honey-child. But like, have no fear, because like, I have a low=cost solution!
Iy: Oh no, you're not pushing another one of your stupid products now, are you?
Sessh: It's my Pretty Flowers SesshouMaru Happy Boy Perfume!
Iy: Nice name.
Sessh: For only five-ninety nine, you can smell like me!
Kagome:*smell* Oooh, cherries!
Sessh: Ithn't it nice? That's like, my natural scent.
Kagome: Wow! I want some of that perfume! *pay*
Sessh: Here you go. *hands her a bottle*
Kagome: *spray* Ow! It burns!!
Sessh: Oh yeah, I forget to test it out first... heh heh... *run*

    Dear Miroku and Sango:
      Do you guys love eachother? Why I ask: Miroku and Sango are ALWAYS together.
        Sesshoumaru worshipper/Miroku lover: lisaferret
Sango: It's all your imagination!! *evil eyes*
Iy: Stop saying that, you're becoming suspicious!
Iy:... okay then...
Sesshoumaru: psst, Sango-girlfriend!
Sango: I don't like Miroku!
Sessh: Uh...whatever. Like, I know how you can convince your friends of anything!
Sango: Even that I hate Miroku?
Sessh: Even that.
Sango: How?
Sesshoumaru: Like, I am, like... Rin...
Sesshoumaru: The world's first hypnotist!
Sango: Oh yeah right.
Sesshoumaru: No, really. I stole this book from Kagome, called hypnotism for dummies. Now I'm a hypnotist-master.
Sango: Really? Could you hypnotize my friends?
Sesshoumaru: sure. five hundred yen!
Sango:*pay pay*
Sesshoumaru: Psst! Sango's friends!
Everyone: yeah?
Sesshoumaru: Look into my eyes...
Ev: yeah... um...
Sesshoumaru: Sango doesn't like, like like Miroku.
Ev: Um...sure...
Sesshoumaru: Like see, I'm so cool!....rin...
Rin: *clap clap*

    Dear gang ,(specifically Kagome,Sesshoumaru and Inu Yasha):
      How do you guys feel about fanfics with alternate pairings? eg.Sesshoumaru + Kagome ?
Sesshou: I'm dithturbed. I mean, Kagome's not my type.
Inu-Yasha: Oh? Why not?
Kagome: Yeah, what's wrong with me!
Sessh: Well, first, you're a human. ugh. Second. Like, you wear totally uncool clothes. and b, you're a girl.
Kagome: Oh yeah, you're gay.
Sango: I should have known...
Sesh: Excuse me no! But with this kind of following, I can pick any girl I want, and she could be way prettier than you.
Kag: Thanks.
Sesshou: So, does anyone want a free makeover?
Sippou: You're not still pushing your cosmetics, are you?
Inu-Yasha: They're probably laced with hydrochloric acid.
Sessh: No, they're completely safe! I tested them first on Jaken, and then on myself!
Kagome: Inu-Yasha!
Iy: What now?
Kag: I love you! I've always loved you!
Iy: You...ggg...*blanks out*
Kag: Well, here's your yen. *throws a few coins at Iy* [in a previous atg, Kagome had offered Inuyasha 3 yen to answer the question (which was something like 'what would you do if kagome said she loved you?')
Ship: Yay! *steals coins and runs to the corner store*
Iy: Damnit...
    Dear SesshouMaru:
      Ever wonder if the reason Rin never talks might be because of you?
SesshouMaru: She talks!
Rin: Technically not. the only time I do talk is in Kimiki's little fantasy world.
Kimiki: You make it sound like I'm wierd or something...
Sessh: Anyways, I think we're missing the point.
Rin: And what would that be?
Sessh:That's I'm completely out of lime green eyeshadow!
Kagome:*peer* You're right, pink and blue just doesn't look the same.
Sessh:I'm a hideous freak! *sob*
Mob of girls: No you aren't!
Sessh: Wh...who are *sniffle* Who are you guyth?
Mob: We're the 75% of the Online Inu-Yasha Community who are under the delusion that you're a sexy babe.
Kimiki: Note that I have no predjudice against SesshouMaru lovers, just SesshouMaru.
Mob: Don't say that! Fluffy's the best!
Sessh: I hate that name, It's tho demeaning!
Mob: No, it's cute! We would never demean you!
Sessh: Really?
Mob: Really! We worship you! Alot of us even have shrines to you in our bedrooms! One third of us dreams about you, one fifth of us daydreams about you, and two of us have even sacrificed livestock in your honour!
Sessh:That's tho touching! *wipes away a tear*
Mob: Did you know that you, Sesshoumaru, have more shrines to you on the web than any other IY character?
Sessh: That'th not suprising, psh.
IY: What about me? the series is named after me!
Mob: Go away, meanie! Stop making Fluffy feel bad about himself!
IY: I'll kill you!
Mob: Bully! Because of you, O-SesshouMaru-sama is a war-amp!
Sessh: O-SesshouMaru-Sama... I like that.
Kagome: This is getting wierd...
IY: What, 'wierd'? Is that all? I don't know of many Kagome shrines!
Kagme: But I can name quite a few fans who've named themselves after me.
IY: Wah!
Sessh: Shut up! You're forgetting who this page is about, like!
Kimiki: Uh, I don't own a SesshouMaru shrine. I'm not particularly a fan of yours or anything.
Sessh: Well then maybe I'll just go to one of my shrines and hang out then!
Kimiki: Okay.
Mob: Really will you?
Sesh: Thure, gang!
Mob: Yay! *prostrates themselves to SesshouMaru* We are not worthy!
Sessh: Oh, tee. Rin, you should be taking notes.
Rin: But I can't write...
Sessh: You idiot! I hate you! I'm disowning you and adopting these folk as my new slaves!
Mob: We're so honoured!
Sessh: Let's go!
Mob: Okay!
Kimiki: I have a very vivid imagination... um...

    Dear Gang:
      What do you want for christmas?
        Pandora 6
Sesshou: Oh, that reminds me! *rushes off*
Inu-Yasha: Um... what's christmas?
Kagome: It's a north american holiday where you give eachother presents.
Shippou: Wow, cool! Can we have christmas this year?
Sessh: I'm back! Here you go! *hands everyone nicely wrapped gifts*
Kagome: Mines... a SesshouMaru doll...
Sango: Mine too.
Shippou: Dolls are for girls! What a rip off!

Sessh: Dolls are NOT for girls! I mean, I don't play with dolls...
Inu-Yasha: Why does mine have fuzzy pink pajamas on?
Sessh: Mr Sleepy Time Maru! * grabs the doll and gives Inu-Yasha another box*
Inu-Yasha: Mr Sleepy time Maru?
Sessh: Oh yeah, and I suppose you don't sleep with tiny plastic replicas of yourself.
Everyone: *blink*
Sessh: It gets cold and scary all alone in my big dark castle, okay?!
Kagome: Um... yeah...
Sessh: Oh wait, forget everything I just said. It's Rin's doll! Yeah, Rin sleeps with it! Not me, I'm a big kid.
Rin: I don't sleep with dolls. I stopped sleeping with dolls when I was 3.
Sessh: Ssssshhh! Kids these days... they uh... say the darndest things... *silence*...Ahh! *sesshoumaru grabs all his dolls and runs away*

    Dear Gang:
      How does Sessho-Maru keep his complexion and girlish figure?
SesshouMaru: Oh, like, it'th thimple, mother sister child girlfriend! I get a weekly manicure and pedicure, and I go to the spa every sunday. And I never skip the mudbaths! And then I use salon selectives combination 1a 6b 7hfk.6 for my hair, which I wash every 2 hours, and-
IY: I think they were making fun of you.
Sesh: Like, whatever. You're jutht jealouth because people are all athsking me for the advithe, even though I'm technically not part of your *quote* Gang.
IY: But that was adressed to our '*quote* gang'.
Sesh: Su-ure. You know, SesshouMaru dolls are selling like hotcakes.
IY: Maybe because parents are mistaking them for Barbies.
Sesh: Whatever. Hand to the face!
Kagome: Didn't new kids on the block have dolls?
Sessh: Who's that? *nervously hides his New kid's CD collection* Rin: Hi!
Sesh: Hey, go away, you'll make me look like a sissy if they find out I'm nice to you.
Kagome: I think it's a little too late for that.
Rin: Look at my new dolls! *holds up a large stack of SesshouMaru dolls*
IY: I was wondering who would buy those things...
Sesh: Look, I did not buy those, okay?
Rin: Yes you did! *starts playing*
Sesh: *horrified* Ahhh! Why did you cut off all the hair on that one and take off it's clothes!?
Rin: Because I needed a Ken doll. If they're all girls who could they date? This isn't Ellen.
Sessh: But they are all guys!
Rin: *Girly voice, wiggling one sesshoumaru in a polka-dot red dress* Hi, Miss Poppy! *wiggles another SesshouMaru doll in a bikini * Hi Miss Rodendondron! Do you want to go shopping today?
Sessh: Ahhh! You're abusing the privelage of having dolls of me! *snatches all the dolls out of Rin's hands.
Kimiki: Writer's block!

    Dear Gang:
      does Sesshou Maru really like being such a sissy, he seriously needs macho classes from Inuyahsa.
Sesshou: Like, Macho is like, not for me-uh.
Kimiki; That's right, he's in touch with his feminin side.
Sessh: Like, you are so right, Girlfriend!
Kimiki: *mockingly* Like, thankyou lesbian life partner!
Kagome: Lesbian life partner?
Kimiki: Girlfriend, lesbian lover... Why doesn't anyone ever get that joke!?
Kagome: Maybe it's too subtle.
Inu-Yasha: Maybe it just sucks.
Kimiki: Okay, shut up!
Inu-Yasha: Touchy!
Kimiki: No! My song is on!
Kagome: What's this?
Kimiki: It's Bush! *enjoy enjoy* "Chemicals between us..."
Inu-Yasha: Stop singing! This music's bad enough!
Kimiki: Wha? It's good! GOOD!
Inu-Yasha: crap.
Kimiki: Yeah well you suck.
Inu-Yasha: The lyrics don't even make sence. 'Chemicals between us, chemicals between us, lying in this bed'?
Kimiki: Um... It's just too deep for you.
Inu-Yasha: Yeah, sure.
Miroku: I get it... *drool*
Kimiki: Hey! That's not what he means! (I hope)
Kagome: This is too thick. I need pop music! Pop pop!
Kimiki: Wahhh! My song is done! THANK YO- Oh! NIN, perfect drug!
Inu-Yasha: Oh no, not another one of your songs.
Kimiki: these are all 'my' songs... I'm playing my MP3s.
Inu-Yasha: What? Then why do we have to shut up for your 'favorite songs' if you can just replay them?
Kimiki: Because I have a play list, duh. I can't just go through it on will. Well I can but I'm too lazy.
IY: *sarcastic* Oh, okay then.
Kimiki: Writers block!

    Dear gang:
      I have a comment... I personally think Miroku and Kagome would make a cute couple... What do you think?
        The other Akari
Miroku: Well you never know untill you try...
Kagome: Fat chance.
Miroku: well can I at least have a kiss for trying?
Kagome: No.
Miroku: Oh...

    Dear Gang:
      I think Inu Yasha would look a ABOUT FIFTEEN TIMES better if he gelled his hair up and did the BOND-look-a-like thing..!
Kagome: The Pauly Shore look would make Inu-Yasha look 15 times better. ANYTHING would look better then that.
IY: What!? We have the same hair!
Kagome: Yes but I'm a chick. You also have the same hair as SesshouMaru.
Sessh: Pichuh! What a grrreat compliment! You should totally thank her, Brother sister child boyfriend arrdvark house pigeon! *flips hair femininly*
IY: I need a hair cut! Fast!
Kagome: *pulls out some scissors and a comb*
Miroku: Wait, are you qualified for that sort of thing?
IY: Yeah, let me see your certificate from... hair cutting college...
Kagome: Don't worry, I've cut my brother's bangs thousands of times! how much harder can hair be?
IY: Hm.... I dunno.... This is my permanent hair we're talking about
Kagome: I even did Naraku's Hair!
Naraku: Kukukuku!
Kagome: If I make you look like Miroku I'll tongue kiss Sesshou-Maru!
IY: Okay!
SesshouMaru: Like, hey! I don't stand for that sort of thing! I'm not just your play toy!
Miroku: What do you mean, my hair?
Kagome: *comb comb* Ah! God! Do you ever brush your hair!
Inu-Yasha: When I have the time...
Kagome: Ah! There's a frog in here!
Shippou: That's where Kero went!
Inu-Yasha: What!?
Kagome: What-say we skip the brushing and go straight to cutting!
Inu-Yasha: okay!
Kagome: *snip snip snip* Oops!
Inu-Yasha: Ah! What!?
Kagome: What? Oh.. nothing... *snip snip snip snip*
Inu-Yasha: OW! Watch it!
Kagome: Uh oh! Uh... Er... *snip snip* Ahhh!
Shippou: Let me look! *hop hop* Ahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaah!
Inu-Yasha: Ahhh! Stop cutting!
Shippou: Hahahahahahaha! *falls over* Hahahahaahah!
Inu-Yasha: Urk!
Kagome: It's not that bad!
Miroku: Wow, you look terrible!
Inu-Yasha: Wahhh! Stopit!
Kagome: *tug tug*
IY: What are you doing now, wench!?
Kagome: Styling it! Soon you'll look like a GAP commercial!
Kimiki: I'll dress you up in my love, in my loooove o/~
Iy: What? I don't want to be gay!
Kagome: Done!
Iy: *looks in the mirror* Ahhhhhhh!
Kagome: Sorry, it looks like you're just going to have to live in the sewers and live off of scraps of food.
Iy: Ahhhhh! You said you did Naraku's hair!
Naraku: Why do you think I wear that pelt and avoid Kagome? She might spontaneously decide to give me a trim.
Iy: Ahhhh!
Shippou: stop yelling, I can fix it. *poof*
Iy: Ahh, back to normal.
SesshouMaru: How boring! Like!
Kimiki: Writers block!

    Dear gang:
      Why is Sesshoumaru so*sweatdrop*...but Inuyasha is insensitive, arrogant, can't-be-bothered, super machofied jerk
Iy: I've often wondered that.
Sesshou: I'm so tiered of thith! I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it! *hand to the face*
Sango: OW! Watch where you're flingin' that arm!
Sesshou: Stop being such a baby! Whine whine whine! Blah blah blah! I think you should be banned from this place! God, you're so annoying!
Sango: DIE!
Sesshou: Kimiki!!!!
Kimiki: What!?
Sesshou: Like, Thango almost killed me!
Sango: What!!?
Sesshou: Like, I'm scarred! She threatened me and glared visciously!
Kimiki: I don't see any Thango's here. Don't be a liar. I'm leaving.
Sesshou: Like, thtupid lithp!

    Dear Gang:
      Hey, Inu-Yasha, do you ever wash your hair? If yes, then how long does it take you? And do you use water only, or something more?
Inu-Yasha: Hey, KSA, do you ever drink antifreeze?
Kagome: Stop being so hostile. He only likes you hair. At least I think he's a he. Or a lesbian (see Q3, 'dear sango will you marry me?')
Sesshou: Like, how could anyone ever not like that hayer! *plays with IY's hair*
IY: Do you mind!?
Sesshou: I mean like, look! Like, it's so long and silky and white and sexy-
IY: Okay, I am VERY uncomfortable right now.
Sesshou: And masculine, and...
IY: *maul maul*
Sesshou: Ahhh! Where's my plastic sugery kit? *leave leave*

    Dear Kagome:
      If you had to choose between Buyo and Inu-Yasha, then which would you choose?
Kagome: Hmmm. hard choice...
IY: Who's Buyo? Your Lover!?
Kagome: Awwwww! No! Awww! Buyo's my cat!
IY: Your cat is your lover? Isn't that called bestiality?
Miroku: I wish I were that cat...
Kagome: Would you stop!? Buyo's my pet, nothing else! You're all perverted.
Miroku: How many times do I have to tell you that I'm just determined!
IY: We don't beleive you. Shut up and let Kagome pick me.
Kagome: Why would I choose you?
IY: You wouod choose your stupid fat ugly cat when I, Inu-Yasha am the other choice? Wow, you really are stupid.
Kagome: Well don't try to persuade me or anything.

    Dear Sango:
      Will you marry me?!
Sango: I don't even date, that would interupt my demon-killing life-
Sesshou: UgH! Everytime thomeone athkth Thango thomsething, the jutht goeth on and on and on... you'd think they'd learn by now that the'th jutht a big blabbermouth!
Sango: *blank stare*
Sesshou: Wha-at? Like, Oh! Did I tell youth guyth about yethterday at the thalon?
Sango: No.
Sesshou: Oh, like, thith ith thoooo cool! I wath in the like, thalon, and they were giving me a like, makeover, and I like, was like, getting mythelf some like, nithe new eyethadow, and the totally thekthy and like built makeup guy wath like tho coming on to me. I think he might be the one.
IY: Aren't they all the one?
Sesshou: Like, heyuh! A tear!
IY: A tear? What are you talking about?
Sesshou: I'm like thedding a thingle tear becauth I'm thad at the painful wordth you jutht inflicted upon me. Like!
IY: Does anyone else understand a word he says?
Sesshou: Like, thure they do! Like-uh!
Everyone else: *shakes heads*
Seshou: Like, fine! I know you're all jutht jelous! Well, uh.... fine! *takes out a paper and scrawls down a note, gives the note to IY and then trapes off dramatically*
IY:*reading note* 'Like, you guys are so mean. You know what you are? You are a big peanis.'
Kagome: peanis?
Miroku: I think he means...
IY: Wow, now I know why he used to write with a lisp... he can't spell. *reading* 'You are not just a peanis, you are a walking peanis. A walking peanis gerk.
Kagome: Gerk?
Miroku: I think he means jerk. Either that or he's being really creative.
IY: *reading*'And Bobathy and Joseph and Chrissy all think you're a gerk too. So how does that make you feel? I hope it makes you feel like yourself because that's who you are.'
Miroku: Woa, you mean SesshouMaru has friends? friends who are like him? I'm going to have nightmares for weeks!
Kagome: *takes letter and reads* But I hav to admit that Miroku is not just a gerk, he is the hottest gerk I;ve ever seen. Like, is he free sometime? Love, SesshouMaru.'
Miroku: *runs after Sessh* Is friday okay!????
Kagome: Wow, now that's what I call desperation.
Kimiki: Supper time. *leave leave*
    Dear Gang:
      Why does Kagome wear such short skirts? Does Inu-Yasha ever sneak a peek??

    Inu-Yasha: *glare of death*
    Miroku: Inu-Yasha wouldn't do that! That's my job!
    Kagome: I feel the sudden urge to burn my clothes and take several showers...
    Miroku: Would you like some company with that?
    Kagome: Ah!
    Inu-Yasha: *maim maim*
    Miroku: Ahhh! I'm hideously disfigured! Now noone will want to bear my children!
    Inu-Yasha: I don't see the big transformation from before you were mauled.
    Viz: Before he felt the carress of your claws...
    Inu-Yasha: What? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard!
    Miroku: Stop talking and mourn the loss of my handsomity!
    SesshouMaru: Like, I can like totally help you out-uh! I recently got a do-it-yourself plastic surgery kit!
    Kagome: that sounds kind of dangerous.
    Sessh:Like, nahhh.
    Miroku: Why did you need a plastic surgery kit for anyways?
    Sessh: I got tiered at looking at Jaken's wrinkled old face, so I gave him a few face-lifts!
    Miroku: Oh? Can I see?
    Sessh: *awkward silence* Um, he's... busy... like...
    Miroku: I'm not letting you at my face!!
    Sessh: Nonsense! That was my first try! Besides, look at the face on the box! *holds up box, adorned with faces of male calvin klein models*
    Miroku: Ya! Make me look like that!
    Sessh: Kay!
    (An hour later)
    Miroku: Tadaaaa!
    Inu-Yasha: Ahhhhh! Youkai! *lunge*
    Miroku: It's meeee! *covers face*
    Kagome: What's with the bandanges?
    Miroku: Well, SesshouMaru says I have to keep these bandages on for a week untill all the scars heals.
    Kagome: Oh...
    Miroku: But I;ve always been a quick healer. *rip rip* How handsome am I, girls!
    Sango:*runs to a bush and throws up*
    Miroku: Uh oh! My scars haven't healed have they?
    Kagome: Yes they have...*gives Miroku a mirror*
    Miroku: Cheap! I look the same as before Inu-Yasha scratched me up!
    SesshouMaru: I hear someone calling me... *run run run*
    Miroku: Oh well. No loss. So why did Sango throw up?
    Kagome: *blink*.... Maybe she had the stomach flu?
    Sango: Hi!
    Kimiki: I needed something dramatic.
    Kagome: Oh, the places my skirt takes us...

      Dear gang:
        How come Kagome never calls her friends by their names?

    Kagome: I kind of.... *cough*... forgot them...
    Inu-Yasha: Your friends?
    Kagome: grrr... no, my friend's names! Okay!?
    Iy: How hard is Inu-Yasha!
    Iy: What?
    Kagome: I have other friends you know! Across the well!
    Iy: psh. like they matter.
    Kagome: Like you matter!
    Iy: *gasp* *tears up*
    Kagome: Are you...crying?
    Iy: No, I was cutting onions.
    Kagome: What?
    Kimiki: writers block!

      Dear gang:
        Whatever happened to Miroku's tanuki, anyway?

    Miroku: I ate him.
    Kimiki: Yuck!
    Miroku: What? I wouldn't have resorted to sort of cannibalism if these people hadn't insisted on hazing me into the group by not feeding me for a few days!
    Kimiki: hazing? when did that happen?
    Miroku: *sob* Please, don't talk about it! I'm very traumatized!
    Kagome: Oh! Poor Miroku!*consult consult*
    Miroku:heh heh ehh *molest molest*
    Kagome: Hey! You've pulled that trick before!
    Miroku: Heheh. And it works every time.
    Kagome: grrrrr.
    Miroku: What does that say about your intelligence?
    Kimiki: Wow, that's the way to get a girl into bed. call her stupid.
    Miroku: Oops.

      Dear gang:
        Why don't you guys just kill Naraku and be DONE with it, already? If you all attacked at once, he wouldn't stand a chance!

    Naraku: SHHHHH! Nosy intruder! That's our buisness! Don't listen to them! Hee hee!.
    Kimiki: Hey, that's a good idea!
    Miroku: Yeah, we should do that!
    Naraku: no you shouldn't!
    Kagome: yes we-
    Naraku: no! It's a stupid idea!
    Kagome: It's a stupid idea?
    Naraku: stupid!
    Kagome: Hahahahha. what a stupid idea. Hahahahah!
    Naraku: hahahahahah!
    *odd moment of silence while kagome and naraku laugh* *everyone else, completely confused, join in the laughing fit*

      Dear gang:
        Why does Naraku have such a weird/annoying laugh? Does he have laryngitis? He must be kuku...Wahahaha! I made a joke! Heehehe!*sweatdrop*

    Inu-Yasha: Stupid modern term I don't understand... *growl*
    Kagome: kuku is a term for insane.
    IY, Miroku, Shippou and Sango: Ahhhhhhhh....
    Naraku: I would answer your question personally but I... am... waiting for my nails to dry?.
    Sesshou-Maru: You go girlfriend!
    Kimiki: Just get over here!
    Naraku: Noooo! I mean uh, No thankyou.
    Kimiki:I get it now you;re scared of Kagome!
    Naraku: Kukuku! No I'm not! Kukukuku! *sweat sweat*
    Kagome: *walks over to Naraku* He's not scared...
    Naraku: *panic panic* AHHHHH! *starts running away*
    Kagome: Whaddaya know...
    Inu-Yasha: we could use this...
    Kimiki: No you can't! Next!

      Dear gang:
        Will Sesshomaru marry me? Or InuYasha!? Or even Miroku! I'm desperate! Come on! Pwwweeeeassse! Waaah!

    Miroku: OKAY!
    Kagome: Hold on a seconds, Miroku. You don't even know her.
    Miroku: So? She's female, right?
    Kimiki: *groan*
    Sesshou-Maru: Tho thorry, but like I don't go that way, girlfriend sister mother child aardvark brother fiendish house! But jutht to make you feel like, better, I'll thing for you! Thome cool show-tunes, how about?
    Kimiki: Aiiiiaaaa!
    Iy: 'Aiia'? What the hell was that?
    Kimiki: I was attempting to scream.
    IY: are you sure because you sounded more like a rabid little chijuajua.
    Kimiki: Shut up!
    Sesshou-Maru: *singing* I'm thuper! thankth for athking!
    Big Gay Al: Like, hey! I'm totally gonna thue your ath!
    Sesshou: Ooo, hey hottie.
    Big Gay Al: *tears off his Big Gay Al mask....* No! You cannot have the Mango!
    Iy: What the hell is going on!? Who the hell is Mango and why is he slapping his ass like that?
    Kimiki: Um... modern stuff....
    Iy:(to kagome) remind me NEVER to go through that well.
    Kagome: Oh don't worry. That's only North America, where Kimiki lives. In Japan, we have great teen idols like Kinky Kids!
    Iy: Kinky....?
    Kagome: *plays some Kinky kids on her stereo*
    Iy & Kimiki: Oh! god! Make it stop! *cringe cringe*
    Kimiki: I think it's about time for....

    THE END!

    Kagome: but this was my favorite part of the song!
    Iy: darn.

    Dear Gang:

      If everyone would have to pair up with someone, who would it be?
        ~~The little lady

    Inu-Yasha : 'Pair up'?
    Kagome: She means like who would we go out with.
    Inu-Yasha: Go out where?
    Kagome: On a date?
    Inu-Yasha Doi Da?
    Kagome: Who would we marry, let's say.
    Inu-Yasha: Could we get a divorce?
    Kagome: how did you know what a divorce was but not what a date was?
    Inu-Yasha: uh.....
    Kagome: Anyways, no, no divorcing. You first, Inu-Yasha!
    Inu-Yasha: *pauses*
    Kagome: *flutters eyelashes*
    Inu-Yasha: Do you have something in your eyes, whore!?
    Kagome: Shut up and answer the question!!
    Inu-Yasha: Bah! Miroku can go first!
    Miroku: I'd pick Sango, she's got a thebiggest chest!
    Sango: *hits Miroku over the head with her boomerang*
    Miraku: Awg!
    Sango: I'd pick... Shippou, because he's so cute and cuddly!
    Inu-Yasha: Pedifile!
    Sango: We wouldn't sleep together, you idiot!
    Shippou: I'd marry this rock! *holds up a pink pebble*
    Pebble: yay! *blush blush*
    Seshoumaru: I'd pick Kagome because that would like totally piss Inu-Yasha off!
    Inu-Yasha: Hey!
    Sesshou: It's your turn!
    Inu-Yasha: I love you Kagome! Marry me!
    Kaogome: Okay! kissy Kissy!*kiss kiss*
    Kimiki: Awww! You guys, get a room!
    Inu-Yasha: Why are you making to little cloth dolls kiss?
    Kimiki: Damn! Stupid defective Voodoo Dolls!
    Kagome: Pick, Inu-Yasha.
    Inu-Yasha: I guess I'd pick you, because then I could force you to do things.
    Kagome: Thanks.
    Kimiki: What things?
    Inu-Yasha: Don't make me hurt you.
    Kimiki: eep!*run*
    Inu-Yasha: Wait! Kagome hasnt picked yet!
    Kimiki: *escape escape*

    (Current Ask the Gangs)