Tankoubon 13

My friend Jen went to Japan recently (Lucky!) and brought me back IY Tankoubon 13, my first Tankoubon! I spent a lot of time admiring it, then I went to Chris' site and I translated it. Here is my opinions on the novella. I wonder if novella is a word...

The cover slip was very nice and pretty, and there was a black and white version printed on the paper cover (in nice reprint too). Cover slips kind of annoy me, but oh well. The artwork on the insides and ouisdes of the cover was very nice. But then It's Takahashi, what do you expect. The manga itself was, of course, very beautifully and detailedly drawn, and the print was excellent. I was a little worried about the size of the book at first (it's a bit smaller than the already small Viz graphic novels), but the images were sharper and crisper than Viz, so I got alot of nice pictures of those cutie shini dama chuus. I give the graphics a 10/10. Yay!
In this graphic novel, Kikyou shows up again to do some more evil confusingness (at least I got to see those shini dama chuu) and gives Naraku the shikon no tama, and Toutousai shows up and Inuyasha realizes the Cutting wind (I hate that term... I would have prefered razor-winds or something...) at the last page. There was alot of melo-drama, but also alot of plot twists. And of course, Kikyou came along, which always is good and bad. Good because she makes you wonder and she's completely unpredictable, and Bad because she tends to be too confusing and dramatic. I give the story a 5/10, so low because of the lack of comedy breaks which would have lifted the story to a more flowing, confortable level. All that drama and plot geats heavy after a while!!
That makes it a total of 15/20, 75%, or a B.