What do you think of this whole sesshoumaru being 'nice' thing?
1: He's not nice! *denial* Wai! He's evil! Evil! *sob* 42%
2: It's unexpected but I'm sure Rumiko can pull it off non-cornily 38%
3: I think it's good! I like good characters! I've been hoping for this to happen! 12%
4: But he isn't turning nice. He's only using that little girl to kill his brother 8%
Who should keep the tenseiga?
1: SesshouMaru 42%
2: Kagome 25%
3: Inu-Yasha 21%
4: Shippou 12%
Do you think that if in the next chapter Kagome and Inu-Yasha kissed, it would be good?
1: No, it would ruin the story plot!. 60%
2: Yes, it's about time!. 24%
3: I don't know 16%
Have you heard of Moist, the music group? (sooo on topic of me)
1: No 76%
2: Yes, I love them! 12%
3: Only heard a few songs 4%
2: Yeah, they're okay. so so. 4%
2: Yes, I hate them! 4%